Milestone Media, a diverse and borderline superhero series, is back after a 20-year hiatus.

Cover of “Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition # 0”.

Milestone Media / DC Comics

Milestone Comics is finally back. The diverse manga world that pushed the boundaries with the diverse cast of superheroes and built its name is back this year, almost 20 years later. Today, creators want to make the most of the world of comics by saying that revival is as “cutting edge” as the original.

Milestone mediaThe company behind the comic was founded in 1993 by a team of African-American artists and writers.Mission: Tell me story Of an undervalued community while tackling big issues like homophobia and racism.

“We are four black creators and we set up a company with the goal of creating multicultural characters from the perspective of those who want to work with us. That alone was revolutionary.” Co-founder Denys Cowan told CBS. news.

That same year, the founder of Milestone signed a sales deal with the well-known DC Comics. However, throughout the partnership, DC was often offended by the progressive story and artwork of the page. Best-known example: The artwork in question of Static, the most popular character in the group and arguably one of the most beloved black superheroes.

Artwork showed the protagonist, Virgil Hawkins and his girlfriend kiss On a sofa with a condom nearby. DC refused to print the cover, straining its relationship with the founders of Milestone. Both parties close Of two kisses. In this book, co-founder Dwayne McDuffy wrote a letter addressing the controversy. “Static is a fun cartoon, but it never escapes topics such as gang violence, homophobia, and racism. I’m not trying to get started now.”

In 1997, due to a downturn in the industry, Milestone stopped publishing comics. Over the years, there have been short-term attempts to revive the world of comic books. Static participated in the comic “Teen Titans” in the 2000s and then headlined his own comic series, which lasted only issue 8. In 2011, McDuffie died after further protracted attempts to bring the universe back to his fans due to complications of heart surgery and legal issues between Milestone and his property.

“It was a series of unfortunate situations that caused it, and it took a lot of effort on behalf of all parties to get it back, but it had to be done,” said Milestone’s partner and writer. Said Reginald Hudlin. “I said I’m going to do this. I’m glad that day came.”

The Comic Book Universe is back in February with the digital version of Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition # 0. This is a preview of the Universe and its upcoming books, the physical version of which will be released on May 25th. “Big Bang” event. The incident occurs in an anti-police atrocities rally where police fire untested chemicals at protesters who have acquired superpowers.

Milestone return
“Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition # 0” page.

Milestone Media / DC Comics

This book sets the stage for major milestone characters to appear in each book, including Static (June 15th), Icons and Rockets (July 27th), and Hardware (August 10th). I will. Milestones remain largely in the minds of comic fans, thanks to the popularity of Static, who starred in his television series “Static Shock” from 2000 to 2004.Last summer, actor Michael B. Jordan Announcement He joined Hadrin to create a new static film for Warner Bros. Pictures.

“I was a fan when the first round of milestones came out. There were holes that were open and needed to be filled with great storytelling. Other books that say what those books are saying I wasn’t interested in nostalgia. I’m interested in being as relevant and cutting-edge as the first milestone launch, “Hadrin said.

Milestones return to the comics industry, which is significantly more diverse than it was in the 90s. Black superheroes such as Marvel’s “Black Panther,” “Luke Cage,” and “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” have gained mainstream popularity in television and movie spin-offs. Still, Hadrin and Cowan believe that the expression of blacks in comics still has a long way to go.

“Black is a term that is constantly evolving and expanding. There was a time when almost all black Americans had similar experiences. This is not the case for this generation, so by exploring every aspect, Thankfully, it’s a lifelong mission, “Hadrin said.

New TV shows, live-action films, animated films, toys and trading cards are all ready for the future of milestones, Hadlin said. And in addition to the famous milestone characters, Cowan said creators would introduce new characters to space.

Milestone Comics: Icons and Rockets
“Milestone Returns” icon and rocket.

Milestone Media / DC Comics

As a kid, 28-year-old fan Devin Robertson gave him $ 10 before tagging a local cartoon bookstore in Jackson, Tennessee with his brother. Robertson has never enjoyed “Good Night Moon” or Dr. Seuss’s book, but admits that Milestone helped him learn how to read.

“Milestone Media has been an integral part of my life since I was a kid,” Robertson said. “I loved seeing so many different characters interacting, not just in race, but in every way.”

“I felt that every character was important and connected to the rest of the world. Talking dog — The talking dog was my favorite. It’s very exciting to see how their world has evolved, “he added.

Milestone Media, a diverse and borderline superhero series, is back after a 20-year hiatus.

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