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Miley Cyrus becomes intimate with Dua Lipa in the visuals of her new 80’s rock’n’roll collaboration “Prisoner” after shedding herself (fake) blood.

one week before Miley Cyrus Unleash her new album, Plastic heart,with her Dua Lipa Did not take “prisoners” to their new explosive collaboration. In “Prisoners”, Miley (27) and Dua (25) come down dirty (in both senses). On the way to the concert on the party bus, Miley bathes in bright red blood and Dua licks the vampire’s nutrition right next to Miley’s face.

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The rest of the music video is just as intimate as Miley and Dua unleash their wild side. This video is a homage to the 80’s glam rock era, unrestrained, eccentric, Billy Idol You’ll be proud (FYI is a featured artist on Miley’s next album). It’s clear that Miley and Dua are fed up with being “trapped” in their bondage to their lovers. Music videos and powerful odes are another entry into Miley’s new Rock Cannon, which she has built in the wake of her division. Liam Hemsworth And Cody Simpson!!

Plastic heart Arrived on November 27th. Miley’s first album since 2017. Younger Now, And the first major release since the 2019s She is coming..Miley’s new album It was a star-studded incident, and she first hinted at teaming up with Dua while talking to New Zealand. Edge Radio in mid-September.After she said she had a song that sounded like thisBritney [Spears] And Trent [Reznor] We sang together, “she took seriously. “I think you’re joking like Britney and Nine Inch Nails, but it’s not. Billy Idol and Dua Lipa are on the same record.” When she released the tracklist Collaboration confirmed Plastic heart November 13th, she will you do Dua, Billy, Joan Jett (“Bad Karma”) On the same album

The “Slide Away” singer also talked about a collaboration with Dua during a conversation with Spanish radio station Cadena 100, according to NME. Miley called team-up “completely a blend of the two of us.” And I’m very proud of it, and I’m very excited because the fans heard it like a beggar. seriously.That’s all I ever hear from both of us [fanbases], They want to hear the record we made together. She also talked about the video. “We’re both in New York and we’ve got to put together something we don’t want to give up, but fans can expect something right away.”

Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa gathered in “Prisoners” (AP image)

In the video preview, Miley and Dua seem to have dumped the tour bus in the trash. The two go to town in a bottle of Maraschino cherry. Miley shook her chest, and there was a shot of someone’s booty in fishnet stockings, and Miley shook her trademark tongue. “I was crazy about making the tongue slide work,” she said. Billboard About her signature gesture. “I was so embarrassed to be on the red carpet, and many of those fucking nasty photographers would tell me to kiss, and that’s not me! I want to kiss you No. I didn’t know what to do with my face, so I stuck out my tongue and became a rebellious punk rock. “

Miley’s rebels have been approved by old punk and metal pioneers, and one of her fans is none other than a Judas Priest singer. Rob Halford..After Miley reveals what she is working on Metallica Cover album, Rob said Matt stock To Life in stock A podcast (h / t Louder) he heard and hyped.

“She’s great,” Halford said. “If you think about her life in show business from a little kid, and how she kept her head straight … she was very angry as a teenager, what you have to do, she I was expressing myself I can’t wait [to hear her Metallica covers album], That would be great.She has an unusual voice like [Lady] Gaga, Voice is everything, she is a metal head and is always horned. She is the one who wants to meet when the stars are lined up. “

Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa get hot and heavy with “Prisoner” music video – Hollywood Life

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