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Military families receive assistance from American Red Cross – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – The American Red Cross wants everyone to know as it prepares to honor men and women in the military who died while serving our country. I am.

The American Red Cross helps military members, veterans, and their families use a number of resources to prepare for and address challenges.

“They were there for us both times, and that was just … everything that was happening, I needed it. I did,” said the mother of a Navy soldier. Alicia Sloan said. “They were so great, they really were,” she said.

The American Red Cross first set foot on Sloan in 2017.

“We first used their service in 2017. My mother was ill, had a heart attack and had an open heart surgery, so the commander at the time told her to take a vacation. I’ve informed you that I need to contact you. The Red Cross, “Sloan said. “I used them again in March of this year when my brother died,” Sloan said.

The American Red Cross returned his daughter, Anetra Rosemond, from the Navy and spent time with her family.

“I didn’t know that the Red Cross and the army were involved. I didn’t know. She thought she could take a vacation and go home,” Sloan said.

“They bought her ticket, a plane ticket to get home,” Sloan said.

Providing emergency assistance is just one of many services that the American Red Cross provides to active or former service members and their families through the Hero Care Center.

“We have many programs offered for active military personnel, retirees, veterans, and their families,” said Karen Cook, Program Manager for the American Red Cross Army and International Services. increase. “Therefore, Restoring Force is a huge program we run. This year we have provided elastic workshops for more than 558 active veterans and their families. They are qualified mental health. It is taught by experts. There is no ongoing cure, but they teach coping skills, “Cook said.

Whether it’s through financial and rental aid or art therapy, the American Red Cross has a long list of services to help create calm in stressful times. Organizations also have sessions for military spouses and others to help remove their minds from things.

“There is something that creates calm during stressful times, which is basically the mind and body,” Cook said.

“It could be PTSD. It could be MST, a military sexual trauma. TBI-traumatic brain injury,” Cook said.

Cook also said she is now helping the widow.

“We also run these workshops for kids. We hold workshops to reassure our kids. If parents are in place, it’s a safe place to talk about it. “Cook said.

Mr Sloan said the American Red Cross helped reduce the burden.

“From a soothing point of view, and you don’t have to worry about how she gets home,” Sloan said. “They alleviated her burden of helping me understand how she got home,” she said.

Currently, Sloan encourages all military families to reach out to the American Red Cross for assistance.

“I highly recommend contacting other family members to find available resources,” Sloan said.

Sloan said he was unaware that the service existed, but was willing to help.

“We were just stunned, not knowing that they could help that way, so … they were there when you needed them,” Sloan said.

If you use any of these services or other resources, click here You can know in detail.

Military families receive assistance from American Red Cross Source link Military families receive assistance from American Red Cross

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