Military setting record COVID case as a national number balloon

The United States is weeping and constantly breaking records of new coronavirus cases almost every day, and the military is not far behind.

New figures reported by the Pentagon show that nearly 2,000 service member coronavirus cases were diagnosed between Monday morning and Wednesday morning.

It leaves about 25,000 service members, a reserve currently active in the deadly virus.

A total of 69,390 military personnel have been affected by the disease since the pandemic began. Nearly 800 people were hospitalized.

News will come almost a week after 10th Service member died of COVID-19. Army Reserve 1st Class Calvin Ogletree served in the Army for 27 years.

To date, more than 250,000 people have died from the virus in the United States.

The Pentagon has also set another pathological milestone. On Wednesday, the total number of cases between military personnel, their dependents, Pentagon civilians, and contractors exceeded 100,000.

Currently, 102,666 DoD-related people are infected with the virus.

Despite the increase in numbers, the Pentagon continues to lift restrictions on access to military bases.

Currently, 61% of military bases have no travel restrictions. However, at some bases, coronavirus pockets appeared, requiring them to move back and forth between sanctions.

Under the current set of policies, DoD states that movement between locations is gradual, data-driven, and based on the state of each location.

Before the individual bases move from “red” to “green”, you need to do the following:

  • Symptoms and cases have been on a downward trend for 14 days, and there is currently no curfew.
  • We have already moved to health protection condition “Bravo” or higher. This means that the base has not experienced a persistent community infection and has sufficient healthcare capabilities to handle the surge in cases.
  • If other conditions are met, obtain approval from the military secretary or combat commander to lift travel restrictions.

“Decision-making has a lot to do with what’s happening in the local community,” Secretary of Defense Thomas McCafely said this summer. “The Military Health System tracks cases of COVID-19 and obtains daily reports. That information is shared with the on-site commander to make informed decisions about what to do.”

The military reports that the effects of the virus have not had a significant impact on preparation. The Army continues to train with other countries.

On a larger scale, the Army Initial Military Training Center (USACIMT) trains approximately 46,000 soldiers across Army training and doctrinal commands.

“Less than 3% of trainees test positive for COVID-19,” said Maj. Gen. Ronnie Hibard, leader of USACI MT. “We do multiple screenings before arriving at one of the four Army training centers. Then, when these trainees arrive at these training centers, they all do before they start training. 100% COVID test for new employees. “

The Army suffers from most cases of 25,281 coronaviruses. It is also the largest branch of the army.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, military officials said they weren’t too worried about preparations because demographics are mostly young and healthy individuals.

A recent study of the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed its position through a study of the outbreak of COVID-19 on the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

Despite a positive 1,271 crew, only 1.7% were treated in the hospital.

“Cases of serious illness occur in young people, but they are less frequent and usually less severe than older people,” the author writes. “In the case of USS Theodore Roosevelt, few crew members were hospitalized. Certain coexistence conditions such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes are associated with higher mortality. Our findings show that Numerous coexistences have been seen among hospitalized crew members, including uncomplicated, mild, medically controlled asthma, lung disease (eg, bronchitis), hypertension, and conditions associated with liver disease. I did. “

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the national COVID hospitalization rate is currently 0.2%.

Military setting record COVID case as a national number balloon

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