“Million Little Things” boss of those who attacked Eddie, COVID, etc.

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the episode Thursday, November 19th. One million little things..

When One million little things, Nothing looks like it — and the Season 3 premiere proved exactly that. The episode began where the finale was interrupted: Eddie (David Juntri) After being caught in a hit-and-run, he was taken to the hospital.

So is he dead? Who hit him? why? The premiere answered one of those questions, revealing that he wasn’t fine while Eddie was alive.In fact, he is paralyzed from the waist down — the decision of its creator DJ Nash Made partially for the experience he experienced in his life.

“”David Marshall Grant One of the writers of our staff. He and I share a lot in common, specifically that we are the sons of physically problematic parents, “he premiered to his deceased father. Showrunner said. We weekly Exclusively. “When I made fun of the season, I said,’I don’t say Eddie will live or die. The lives of Catherine and Theo will never be the same.’ And that’s really true. With a blind dad. Growing Up — Nothing has influenced who I am more than having the man as a male role model: his mom who was in a wheelchair when she was alive. For DMG, I think it’s a complete picture of how he and we are, as people, as parents of children, and as writers.

David Juntri of “Million Little Things”. ABC

He said he was always looking for a new story to tell that it came from a personal space — that’s exactly what happened here.

“Eddie can’t be his former husband. He can’t be the dad he wants to be, nor can he be his former friend,” Nash said. “He needs to agree with that and redefine who he is-it’s different and maybe better-or that struggle will break him.”

It seems that Alex, the pastor who was at the scene that night and later outside Eddie’s house, hit Eddie and left the scene. He also has a motive — Eddie was somehow involved in the drowning of his daughter.

“Who attacked Eddie is part of the mystery we follow. Some may feel like a drunken man at the bar. Some may think he’s Alex’s dad or someone else. “Hmm,” Nash said. “At the end of the premiere, you see Alex’s dad sitting outside. He is a minister and has the Bible next to him in his car. The minister himself does something. You may need to confess. “

If that seems too obvious — probably.

One million little bosses who hit Edico Bidcast
“Million Little Things” by Romany Malco, Christina Moses, Stephanie Szostak, Grace Park Floriana Lima, and James Roday Rodriguez. ABC

“If it was another show, it would be him. But when you know Constance Zimmer Appearing in church, I think she’s Barbara Morgan, but she’s not necessarily Barbara, “he mentioned the mystery of last season. “Sometimes we think we’re going to zigzag because we’re moving in a zigzag. I’m not going to say that, but that’s part of what we’re following.”

The producer also cleared the show timeline. Dr. Anthony Fauci appears on the TV screen while Eddie is recovering in the hospital, but no one is wearing a mask. Nash has revealed that the storyline is pre-COVID. When the show jumps a month ahead for the final moment of the premiere, it’s late January or early February.

“For a moment we talked about not including COVID in the storyline,” he told us. “We didn’t want to squeeze people who might need to escape, but at the same time we realized that our show lived and died at the highest intensity. Our problem at our show. Looking at (depression, suicide, breast cancer, substance dependence, domestic violence), they are all exacerbated by COVID, so take the stories that are already happening to our character and test them. I had this opportunity to get it. “

For now, you’ll see your friends without knowing what the world knows right now. When the storyline catches up, “everyone will react differently” to COVID.

One million little things Broadcast on ABC Thursday at 10 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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“Million Little Things” boss of those who attacked Eddie, COVID, etc.

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