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Millions of Americans may not be receiving their 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-06-01 09:58:03 –

Some medical facilities are currently trying to keep people from falling out of the hole, as millions of Americans may not have been vaccinated with the second COVID-19 vaccine.

Justin Chapman is just one example of a recent move to Charleston, South Carolina. Moving south from northern Virginia during a pandemic brought about a change he really didn’t expect.

“Many people here aren’t socially distant, don’t wear masks, and it’s a big culture shock to come from an environment where compliance is basically 100%,” Chapman said. Stated.

So he was worried that he wasn’t completely vaccinated.

“I now live with my elderly parents, but I didn’t want to get them sick,” Chapman said.

When he arrived just a few months ago, he had reduced the COVID-19 vaccine by one, but the eligibility was not the same across states.

“When I came here, I wasn’t really qualified. When I arrived in South Carolina, I had to wait for the window to open to take a second shot,” Chapman said.

Finding a second dose available was not easy, and in reality it could take weeks to become available.

“I was frustrated because there was no national database to actually track this. When I received the second dose, they didn’t even know the first dose on the card,” Chapman said. Said.

His preventive contact card was not sufficient evidence. Some facilities expect the data to be in the system, which is nearly impossible if that information is not shared between reporting entities. The CDC knows that only reasons can distort their numbers. According to their data, nearly 8% of those eligible for a second shot miss a second shot.

Gary Risetal, CEO of Tidelands Health in the Myrtle Beach area, doesn’t know if all of these people just didn’t get a second shot, or if they did it elsewhere and didn’t have a record.

“We had an appointment for the second vaccination on the first opportunity to get the vaccine,” Resetar said. “

Inconsistent reports are a problem, but Gale says the bigger problem is that people aren’t completely vaccinated.

“The concept of two doses was difficult for people. They missed an appointment for the second dose. I was ill and received it somewhere else and drove to another state. , I can’t go anymore. 100 different reasons. “

She wanted to be able to accommodate people with any of these reasons that Tidelands has not yet received.

“It doesn’t have to be in the same place or in the same state,” Resetar said.

In most medical facilities, such as Tidelands Health, the first and second doses of the vaccine are given in equal doses.

“I have to get the vaccine. I’m not going to risk the first person receiving the second dose,” Resetar said.

As a result, Gale and her team knew that they would have to work with the state to receive more treatment in order to be able to serve these patients. It took a while, but as soon as the inventory increased, the reputation spread.

“We contacted all Pfizer providers directly,” says Resetar.

Additional doses, flexible schedules, and multiple locations were the keys to success. Alicia Cavalino, who lives in South Carolina, says the process wasn’t easy.

“Even today, I couldn’t make it in time for my previous appointment, so when I told them I could come later, they said’absolutely’,” said Cavalino. That’s how we do it as a nation and do it all together. “

It’s a world that many want to return to, the beachfront is full, the restaurants are full, and the streets of tourist destinations like Myrtle Beach are full of visitors from all over the country. As Gail says, you can get closer to that reality by taking the second as well as the first.

“It’s important for everyone we offer,” Resetar said.

“Consider all your options and think about what it was like before 2020, a life you had never heard of about COVID-19 or the coronavirus,” Chapman said.

Millions of Americans may not be receiving their 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose Source link Millions of Americans may not be receiving their 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose

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