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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-07-01 21:37:02 –

Berlina Areola continues to visit the tragic improvisational shrine that personally struck her family.

On May 24, in Uvalde, Texas, a shooter shot dead his granddaughter Amerie Jo Garza, 18 other Robb Elementary School students, and two teachers.

“As the days go by when we lose our loved ones, it gets harder and harder,” Arreola said. “In other words, I miss Amerie.”

The road ahead is still tough for the family.

Annabel, daughter of Jesse Rodriguez, was another victim.

“The last time I talked to her, I was waiting for a big job, so I could pick her up and go shopping,” Rodriguez said. “She took my phone and she said,’She’ll do a selfie daddy.'”

Self-employed Rodriguez finds it difficult to motivate him to return to work.

“It kills me every day, do you know?” Rodriguez said. “That is, I’m not the man I was, and I’m not the same.”

The victim’s family has needs, whether emotional, medical, or financial.

Senator Roland Gutierrez says a stranger has opened his notebook to Yuvarde and has donated about $ 14 million so far.

“We have confirmed that early efforts are already underway, but we want to be able to keep track of when families will be paid,” said Senator Gutierrez. “I bring in some people who are trying to defend them in order to maximize their funding as much as possible.”

He said he learned lessons from past relief efforts after the shootings, such as the 2017 Sutherland Springs Church attack.

“I hope these organizations, the money raised, and the people who run them understand that they need to be able to at least try to change the lives of these parents. “Masu,” said Senator Gutierrez.

The tragedy has already hit a vulnerable community. Nearly 25% of people in the county are uninsured, according to census data. Many live paychecks for paying checks, and paying for medical expenses for survivors, are simply a bridge to overkill. That’s where these funds fit.

“In 2012 after the shooting at the Aurora Theater, the survivors of the event came to the National Crime Victims Center and said they didn’t like how their funds were managed, so they told us. Asked them to set up a new fund. “

The National Compassion Fund (NCF) is a group founded nearly 10 years ago at a theater in Aurora, Colorado, after a gunman killed 12 people and injured 70.

One of those victims was Micayla Medek. Her cousin was put into action when her donation did not reach her family in need.

“The first $ 200,000 was donated to 10 regional nonprofits, but turned out to be a victim relief fund. [it] I didn’t intend to go directly to the victim, “said Victim First Anita Bush.

Bush works with NCF. The Foundation says its role is to ensure that victims and survivors receive direct support from all donated dollars.

“But no one really plans to manage donations. We know this happens almost every time,” Dion said.

The Foundation has overseen 23 mass casualty collection activities and has supported payments of over $ 100 million.

“So we had to stand up in sadness and fight so that the donations would actually reach the victims,” ​​Bush said.

These reflect the emotions Arreola has — there is no price tag to bring back a loved one.

“The bill doesn’t stop … unfortunately it broke,” Areola said.

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