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Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — Milwaukee City Councilor Chantia Lewis is the ninth Democratic Party to participate in the seat race currently held by Republican Senator Ron Johnson as she runs for the US Senate on Wednesday. Announced to be a member.

41-year-old Lewis announced his candidacy the day after Lieutenant Mandela Burns took part in the race. Both Lewis and Burns aim to be the first African-Americans to serve in the Senate from Wisconsin. Johnson has not yet stated whether he wants a third term.

In her launch video, Lewis shows walking through the city of Milwaukee. Some scenes were shot inside Sherman Phoenix, the venue where Burns announced his candidacy.

“In all of my life, I was told what I couldn’t do,” Lewis said in a video, her service in the Air Force, her current job as a minister, and her 2016 to the Milwaukee City Council. I talked about the election of the year. She also took a jab at Johnson and said she was running for working-class people who were not represented by the Second Republican Party.

“Wisconsin can do better than Ron Johnson,” she said.

A Johnson spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a message asking for comment on Lewis’ participation in the race. Johnson also did not comment on Burns’ entry into the crowded field.

Johnson remained cold-hearted about whether he was aiming for the third season, but earlier this year he raised more money than any Democrat in the race by the end of June.

Johnson is one of the Democratic top targets in the Swing State of Wisconsin in 2022. He is one of the most outspoken COVID-19 vaccine skeptics in the Senate and has been criticized for promoting unfounded conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election and downplaying January. Riot in the US Capitol.

According to her official biography, Lewis returned to Milwaukee after serving in the Air Force, a pastor of her church, and studying for a master’s degree in theology. While in the city council, she “sought a littering prevention law to keep Milwaukee beautiful,” and has been focusing on preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to Burns, other Democrats who have announced that they will run for the Senate are: State Treasury Secretary Sara Godrevsky. Tom Nelson, Executive of Outagamie County. Senator Chris Larson of Milwaukee. Alex Rasley has quit his job as an executive at Milwaukee Bucks. Dr. Gillian Battino, a Wausau radiologist. Lawyer and Democratic activist Peter Peckerski. Adam Murphy, Franklin’s Information Technology Business Owner.

Stephen Orikara, the founder of the Millennial Action Project, has formed an investigative committee and will soon be competing in the race.

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