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Zanna Sler’s debut novel, partly in Riverwest and entirely in Milwaukee At the end of the world, turn left Is a literary mystery about two Russian sisters in our city who emigrated here as parents and children. They get caught up in the suspicious Soviet past of their father. Given the author’s legacy, what is her relationship with her protagonist, Anna?

“I first admit that my novel has some autobiographical elements,” says Slor. Anna is very similar to me at the age of 19 (much more likable and adventurous!), But there are probably a few characters who are aware of their version. On top of that, it’s all very fiction. I wish my life was so exciting! “

At the end of the world, turn left A quest for immigrant and Jewish identities.

“I think most people think of Russians as mobs and prostitutes, so it was very important to me to write about ordinary immigrant families from the former Soviet Union, especially Jewish families. It’s the role of the Russians in movies and television shows, “says Suller. “I was very dissatisfied with the growth of this because not all of us are in the mob or have anything to do with the mob. The plot falls into one of these simple metaphors. That lack of diversity was definitely a consideration, as I didn’t want to.

“But more importantly, there is little reflection in literature (and movies) about the population of this particular (and huge) people who have left a country that can never return. That country no longer exists. What do you call your hometown if your hometown no longer exists? I find this question both awkward and fascinating. Like in the United States in the 1990s, or many others. Our people who came to Israel have left a country that no longer looks the same or does not work the same, so can you really call it your home? What if the country has a different name, a new currency, and even a new way of governing? I’m not sure. “

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At the end of the world, turn left Published by Police / Agora, an independent house dedicated to finding new fiction writers. Slor will discuss her book on April 20th at Sugar Maple’s outdoor patio hosted by Lion’s Tooth Bookstore.

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March 23, 2021

8:27 am

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