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Nicole Julius, a ceramist and owner of More Than a Sparrow Pottery, offers a variety of household items such as mugs, bowls, cookware holders and vases, as well as seasonal ornaments such as ghost celebrities and Christmas trees through her. Created and sold. Etsy Craft market in shops and areas.

NS Shepherd Express I recently interviewed Julius about her work and future creative efforts.

How long have you been dealing with pottery? What do you enjoy working in that medium?

As part of my graphic design course, I took my first ceramic art course at university. After graduating, I couldn’t go to the ceramic art studio, so I was a little away from the media. Almost nine years ago, I discovered Creative Fire, a community pottery studio near my home. I signed up to become a member and have been creating there ever since.

One of the things I enjoy most about working with clay is throwing wheels. For me, it is a very kind of remedy, allowing me to relax from the rest of the world and enjoy the process of creation. Sitting with the handle on, you can turn off your brain and create just to create.

What made you decide to start a business?

I started selling in several markets a year about 7 years ago. The initial goal of participating in sales was to support my hobbies. At that point, my skills had reached a point where I was comfortable starting to sell what I was making. So my cupboard is full. If I wanted to keep making it, I had to find a way to move the extras out of the house. Thankfully, there is a great opportunity to attend many events in the local artist and maker scene, and you can keep selling what you create.

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What are some of your favorite works and why?

I like to experiment with how glaze and color work together. Usually my favorite isn’t the first piece, but it’s how the glaze works together to give the color a lot of movement and depth. I’m always thrilled to find new combinations and techniques that can be reproduced over and over again and enjoy making things in different colors and combinations.

One of my favorites I created was actually at the request of the customer. She had a toddler and wanted to enjoy hot cocoa in the winter, so she asked me to make a toddler-sized mug for her child and the other children she gave that year. I asked for. Those little 2 ounces. The mug turned out to be very cute, and I can’t help myself from making some on a regular basis now. I think most of them are sold to adults other than hot cocoa, but I hope you enjoy using them!

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