Milwaukee Fire advising water safety around Lake Michigan – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-23 21:21:18 –

According to Captain Joel Rehiritz, the Milwaukee Fire Department was asked to report someone in the waters near McKinley Marina on Monday afternoon.

Two fireboats were dispatched to the area to recover the victims, but their identities and conditions were not revealed. Rechlitz had the opportunity to advise the public about the dangers of Lake Michigan at this time of the year.

“Currently, the water is very cold,” said Captain Rehillitz. “Hyperthermia is a major concern for anyone underwater. Anyone who enjoys Lake Michigan must be very aware of the dangers of Lake Michigan.”

Rechlitz says that good swimming doesn’t help much against frigid temperatures. He estimates that the surface temperature is at about 50 degrees.

“Hyperthermia affects everyone, no matter how good the swimmer is. You could be Michael Phelps swimming in this water and he would succumb to hyperthermia. It’s just biology. “Rechlitz said.

However, hyperthermia is not the only concern of the fire department. Rifts along the shores of Lake Michigan have previously been known to be life-threatening.

“Unfortunately, last year and last summer, there were some people who died here in this kind of rip current,” says Rechlitz. Affect you as a swimmer. “

Rechlitz says that wearing a life jacket at all times can prevent tragedy on the water.

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