Milwaukee Health and Economy Briefing: President Biden’s 4th of July COVID vaccine goal is possible – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-06-08 21:14:16 –

Is it possible for the United States to reach a 70% rate by the beginning of July that all adults in the United States can receive at least one COVID-19 vaccine?

Dr. John Raymond, President and CEO of the University of Wisconsin Medical School, told the University of Wisconsin Afternoon News that it is possible, but more needs to be done to get people interested and focused on taking medication. It says that there is.

Dr. Raymond said: “It’s generally going well so that 70% of adults will be vaccinated at least once by July 4, but that requires maintaining the current vaccination pace.”

Currently in Wisconsin, 48.6% of all vaccinated people receive at least one vaccination, according to the Department of Health Services. 43.2% are fully vaccinated.

The current three vaccines approved for use in the United States show that they protect people very well from the various variants of COVID-19 found around the world. Dr. Raymond states that this is important for a particular variant called Delta, which was first discovered in India.

“I think this variant needs to be observed very carefully,” says Dr. Raymond. “It is 40-100% more contagious than many other variants, more contagious than British variants, and is considered potentially lethal. We really tell people. You need to keep getting vaccinated. “

Listen to Dr. Raymond’s full comment and Tim Shihee, Chairman of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Company, at the latest MKE Health and Economy Briefing.

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