Milwaukee Musician Daniel James Debuts as a Comic Book Artist with ‘Tomb of Nightmares’ – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-25 09:41:02 –

Daniel James, best known for his music with Indonesian junk, Chinese Telephones and Rama Rama, did not set him down when the pandemic broke out.

As usual, seven months later, he read the manga and thought: I spend a lot of my life reading these things, isn’t it about the time I actually make it? “

So, without training, and in a true DIY tradition, James bought a sketch pad and quivered. In the process, he learned a few things he planned to apply to:For now, his debut Nightmare grave (Personality Crisis imprint, Natch) EC comics, “Rod Serling Night Gallery”, or Reed Fleming: The toughest milkman in the world..

It’s as old as society itself. A rich bastard abuses an employee at his burp factory and gets his just dessert, so to speak. James’ stories, artwork, and lettering all have the same weight. moral? Please be kind to each other.

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