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Milwaukee’s Mark Levenson, also known as Lil’Rev, is his mentor and has continuous inspiration for folk musicians in and beyond the city. pen.

“He put money in his mouth, and he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in the process. He was real,” Rev said his deceased troubadour. I admire you. Penn’s musical heritage, activism, and the overall life of donating for the purposes he believed in are the latest annual at Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. (224 West Bruce St.) at 5 pm. Will be the focus of the tribute concert. Sunday, December 5th. Penn died in 2014 at the age of 87.

So Penn and his companions devoted themselves to the pursuit of justice. Rev said the elder singer once told him “a lot of marches. We marched everywhere! We marched ignoring children!” For racial equality and other issues. His songs, such as “Father Groppi’s Gonagette You,” referring to a Roman Catholic priest famous for attending the march, reflect the time Penn was demonstrating on the streets of the city.

If Penn’s public face was that of a singer-songwriter’s guitar player, Working for Livin “, Rev became more intimate with him as a friendly friend.

“It took me years to enjoy the music with Larry’s company. He was a very dear friend, mentor and inspiration,” Rev recalls lovingly. Regarding his interaction, he adds: I always value Friday night singing while sipping cheap whiskey around his kitchen table. Larry always agreed to meet for breakfast, meet with a greasy spoon at midnight, talk on the phone, or socialize at his southern home. “

Cruel honest

Regarding Penn’s personality and refusing to give in to the demands of technology in the age of many today, Rev said: He didn’t have a cell phone looking every two minutes. He was cruelly honest. He was incredibly loyal. He was 100% reliable and expected honesty from people called friends. He had an old world grit. And he endorsed his morals and values. He judged you by your personality, and unless you upset it, everyone got a fair shake. I loved the man.

“It’s important to say that Larry has touched so many lives in Milwaukee,” Rev continues. “There are dozens of folk, songwriters, labor historians, team stars, and wobbles. [members of Industrial Workers of the World]Workers, old friends and family will forever benefit from the traces he left in our lives. Thanks to his time here, we are better than everyone else.

“Young songwriters need to study Larry’s work,” Rev says. “There is an elegant simplicity that is not tied to the busyness that is synonymous with many of today’s modern singer-songwriters. Larry wrote about what he knew and started by being local. Locals often transcend and end up farther just because others can be involved. ”Some of the people who recorded and sang them together in relation to Penn’s songs. Includes acoustic music such as Claudia Schmidt, Utah Phillips and Pete Seeger.

Not a fade away

“The idea for a tribute concert was based on the collective willingness among many of Milwaukee’s players, who all felt too important for the rally’s legacy to disappear,” Rev said. It will be the 7th annual show to commemorate life (in 2020 due to concerns about canceled COVID-19). “A few days before Larry’s death, I also promised to do everything I could to keep his music alive.” Another part of Rev’s efforts to keep Penn’s artistry in the memory of the general public. Is the Larry Penn Legacy Project. The goal of this project is, as Rev explains, “to build a digital footprint of Larry’s life story and music. Larry is the net when he died.”

When it comes to concerts, it’s the locals John Stano, Jay Hoffman, Will Branch, Craig Sieman & Patty Stevenson who share the bill with Rev. In the form of a tribute concert, Rev talked about important themes for him, such as the purpose of social justice, the Great Lakes, trains, tracks, etc. I’ll have you play the song. ” .. And while the show should attract a lot of people who are already familiar with pens, Rev seduces newcomers by saying. “Larry’s music, reinterpreted by friends and fellow musicians in his area, lifts you from the winter blues, taps your toes and fingers, and is homemade yet extraordinary in its depth and strength. Invite you to the world. “

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December 3, 2021

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