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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-17 08:26:56 –

Putin’s unjustified attack on Ukraine backfired on the battlefield (so far) and in courts of opinion around the world. The war has drawn nations to oppose Putin and the general public in favor of Ukraine. In Milwaukee, a delegation of diverse musicians gathers at the “Singing for Ukraine”.

The organizer of the concert is Lil Lev, a folk music recording artist. “There are many reasons why we decided to host this offer, which is the roots of our family,” he explains. “My mother’s family are all Ukrainian Jews from Volodimeir-Volinsky-Ludomir. Some were killed during the Holocaust, but most of them left decades ago. The mass grave was discovered in 2011 and proves what happened there between 1939-1944. “

The concert lineup is modest but energetic. Includes Robin Plouha and Peter Roller, adding a bit of R & B and blues to European Pizzas. Americana singer Peggy James is urged to write the song “Is n’t Anybody Coming” about Ukraine, accompanied by her music partner Jim Eanneri. Duoflogwater brings Celtic vibrancy to American roots music. Rev will perform with several performers, including Cantor David Barash, who sings Ukrainian Yiddish songs, and Ella Rose, a 13-year-old daughter who plays Tears for Fears’ Mad World.

In a happier time, Rev established contact with people in the area where his ancestors once lived. Among them is Antony Polonsky, the author of the history of the Jewish Ludmir. “He is now a member of the Ukrainian volunteer force at the age of 59 and is fighting for his own freedom,” Rev says. “He is a historian, not a soldier, but it is a dedication to fight for their freedom and from the oppressive range of Putin’s authoritarianism.

“Seeing the horrifying image of destruction, hearing the lies given to the Russian people, and hearing how the country can be attacked without being a provocative, it’s in my gut. It left me uneasy. It really bothered me, and it woke me up a few nights. I started imagining: if my family never left Ukraine, if I If I was a citizen, would I have called myself to fight? “

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He continues. “I needed to be able to help the Ukrainian people in a very small way. Send Milwaukee’s Mojo through the power of singing, the only way I know!”

“Singing for Ukraine” will be held on Thursday, June 2nd, from 7pm to 8:30 pm. Congregation Emanu-El Bene Jeshrun, 2020 W. Brown Deer Road, River Hills. A $ 5 to $ 18 donation is offered to the door. Alternatively, you can go directly to one of the three relief organizations listed on the congregation’s Emanuel event page.:

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May 17, 2022

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