Milwaukee rowing program focuses on life skills, diversity and opportunity for all students – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-07-07 12:41:10 –

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Milwaukee Rowing Club STEM to Stern program It’s not just about learning how to row competitively as a team.

The club has created an equal playing field for all students of diverse backgrounds and removed the barriers that young people may face when participating in expensive experiences.

Roger Huffman, executive director of the Milwaukee Rowing Club, states that it is important to accurately represent Milwaukee, primarily in white sports.

“We wanted the club to reflect the city and its surroundings. Looking at our club and looking inward, we have an almost white population throughout the boat club and we Wanted to diversify the club to reflect what’s here in the city, and I felt it was a really important change to make within our club, “Huffman said.

This program overcomes the barriers students may face, such as lack of transportation and funding.

And it’s not just rowing. It’s also about science. The “STEM” part of the program is Tuesday’s class. MSOE..

14-year-old Real Lawrence is a sophomore Wisconsin Luther High School And I passed the program.

“I want to go to school to be an engineer. It was a really good program for me. It gave me the opportunity to do new things,” Lawrence said. “I love sports. I love fierceness and competition.”

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