Minneapolis educator honored as support professional of the year

2021-11-25 14:28:04 –

Kindergarten educators at Minneapolis Public Schools were commended by Education Minnesota as Education Support Specialists from 2021 to 22.

Tequila Laramie, an associate educator at the Bethoon Community School in northern Minneapolis, was praised for her diligence and dedication to her students. In the classroom, Laramie supports behavioral, social and emotional support for students, as well as small literacy and math groups.

Laramie didn’t even know she was nominated for this award or even had a state-wide award. She was nominated by Greta Callahan, President of the Minneapolis Teachers’ Federation. Greta Callahan was a licensed teacher who worked with him for six years before Callahan became president.

Recommendations, essay questions, and interviews at Education Minnesota followed her first recommendation.

“There was a phone call saying that I won a birthday present,” Laramie said in an interview.

She began her career at Minneapolis Public School 10 years ago and has been a youth quasi-educator in Bethoon for the past seven years.

“She can connect with our students in a compassionate and affectionate way that all children can feel safe and secure in front of her,” said Kari, a kindergarten teacher who works with Laramie. Ellers I told Education Minnesota.. “Tequila has also built many influential relationships with the family, reaching out and providing support for students and helping the family feel our Bethoon love.”

Being an educator in her community is rewarding, Laramie said.

“Seeing that I’m influencing the lives of young people, they love to come to school, seeing them learning, it’s affecting their lives “Laramie said.

She worked in southern Minneapolis at the beginning of her career, but was born and raised back in northern Minneapolis.

“It’s my roots and where I grew up. They need people who look like them in their lives and show them what they can be,” Laramie she said. Said about the students.

As she grew up, she met the only black teacher that Laramie lovingly remembered.

“It was great to see a teacher who looked like me. She was so beautiful and I was sitting right next to her,” Laramie said. “It was amazing.”

In the future, Laramie wants to get an education license. Only seven classes away, she had to put the school on hold for financial reasons. She wants to become a junior and senior high school counselor, encouraging junior high and high school students and helping them get to school.

As a Minnesota Educational Support Professional of the Year, Laramie receives the Apple iPad and $ 1,200 honor and prepares for the completion of the license. Laramie is also nominated for the National Education Association Awards and, if held directly, will receive a trip that pays all costs for the award ceremony.

Minneapolis educator honored as support professional of the year Source link Minneapolis educator honored as support professional of the year

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