Minnesota passengers describe white-knuckle moments as plane experienced engine failure – Twin Cities

2021-02-22 12:23:36 –

Brainerd, Minnesota — started as a short explosion — the burst of light from the window was very bright, like a flash bang, and passengers felt a deep sway through the frame of the aircraft, unlike any kind of eddy. I did. I felt before.

The image is currently filled on all main pages of the internet. Nervous passengers are looking out the window. An amazing image of a jet engine, halfway away from the rattling, wrapped in flames. Debris scattered on the streets of Broomfield, Colorado below, debris large enough to crush a car.

At the time, most of this was a mystery to Marengov, a part-time sports writer for Brenard Dispatch. United Airlines Flight 328 from Denver to Honolulu Late Saturday afternoon on my honeymoon.

She and her husband, Joel Martin, were sitting in the central rear of the aircraft. That is, it is not placed next to the window. As a result, the early Saturday afternoon event was disoriented and incomplete, and the gap was only filled when later returning to Denver International Airport.

“When we’re taking off, (the pilot) said we could expect turbulence over Rocky anyway, so be careful,” Goff said in a telephone interview on Sunday, February 21st. .. Things got worse about 10 to 15 minutes after the flight started. “We were announcing 10,000 feet, but there was a big flash and a bang. And they said,” Oh, something happened. I’ll get back to you. “

listen: Mayday call from United Airlines flight 328 before emergency landing

It was a catastrophic engine failure on the right engine of the Boeing 777-200. Judging from footage of the incident taken by another member of the 231 passenger roster, many of the engine housings were stripped off, revealing internal components. The internal components continued to swirl despite the thick oily flaming blanket attached to the engine. They dissipated into the jet stream.

The honeymoon of Joel Martin and Malen Goff took them to Hawaii, but their trip became a global sensation after an engine failure over Colorado. (Courtesy photo via forum news service)

From Goff and Martin’s point of view, the incident resulted in a series of disturbing tremors across the aircraft, but for the first time they were afraid that the flight attendants of the 10 crew members would stop by and stay seated. was. Despite the mild professional veneers, pilots and crew could not hide the tension creeping into their voices, Goff said.

“It was definitely a white knuckle situation,” Goff said of the tense moment of the plane. “No one had an explosion, but people were like” what happened. ” “Did everyone just see the flash?” Surreal. It was tense and calm. I think everyone knew something was wrong. “

According to Goff, the pilot quickly turned the plane and returned to the ground within 30 minutes. They understood the immenseness of what happened when fellow passengers showed footage recorded on their cell phones, or when Goff and Martin were able to scrutinize social media like any other United States. Was after the fact. They dodged the proverbial bullet. Other passengers chose to cancel their journey altogether and go home, she said.

“The pilot did a really great job of stabilizing the plane. I think flying with one engine was not an easy task and it did a great job,” Goff said. “As soon as the plane landed on the Denver runway, it was an amazing moment. The closer you were to it, the more amazing it was to us. It’s a surreal realization of the situation. What. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know how dire the situation was. “

Minnesota passengers describe white-knuckle moments as plane experienced engine failure – Twin Cities Source link Minnesota passengers describe white-knuckle moments as plane experienced engine failure – Twin Cities

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