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Deerwood, Minnesota — A county sheriff in Minnesota went to some county offices of the city police after a defamation lawsuit revealed that the police chief had secretly recorded two other police officers. Restricted access.

Crow Wing County Sheriff Scott Goddard (Forum News Service)

Sheriff Scott Goddard of Crowwing County has restricted access to Deerwood police personnel to all buildings managed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Goddard announced the decision on May 10 by writing to Mayor Deerwood Mike Olly. In the letter, the sheriff quoted a secret recording made by Crosby law enforcement officer Deerwood’s chief Mark Taylor, who emerged during a defamation proceeding as the reason for the restriction.

“That’s not a light decision,” Goddard said after reading the results of a lawsuit filed by former Crosby police officer Jessie Smith against the city of Crosby and the former top two police officers in the police. Written. “Tailor’s actions against retired Secretary Kim Kofflin and retired Lieutenant Kevin Randolph turned out to be awkward and frankly unacceptable to anyone in his position. I can’t consciously allow myself or my staff to be exposed to a secret recording that Chief Taylor may be doing. “

Smith voluntarily resigned from Crosby police in July 2017 after filing a civil suit in April 2019, being dismissed twice, and returning to work twice by arbitration. January 2018, Deerwood Police Officer.

Judge Erik J. Askegaard of the Ninth Judicial District filed a ruling on Smith’s defamation proceedings in the Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd a month ago.

Cognos and Taylor said in a telephone interview that they would not be able to comment on the letter until the Deerwood City Council discussed the issue at a private meeting on June 7. He said he considered it a complaint against and said that the issue would be discussed in a private session in accordance with Minnesota law.

According to the results of Askgard’s ruling, Taylor recorded without knowing the conversation between Coughlin and Randolph before April 2018. Coughlin asked Taylor to visit and he agreed to meet in person. Coughlin told Taylor that he believed there was a lack of effective communication between Crosby and Deerwood police, especially in relation to Smith. She claims there are three examples of Smith. Did.

  • In a head-on collision involving a large number of injured Crosby police officers, Smith believed that he should respond immediately when he heard the dispatch call, but he did not.
  • A case in which a parent calls Coughlin and complains about Smith’s response when he contacts him about his missing child. Smith reportedly told his parents to call the Crosby police, where his family lives. Coughlin said Smith had not submitted a report on the contact.
  • In Coughlin’s opinion, Smith, who worked at Deerwood, should have gone to help in a case where a Crosby police officer was executing a search warrant, but he did not.
    The court document said, “Overall, Taylor seemed to believe that none of Coughlin’s reports on Smith were particularly serious, and he told her (and some he didn’t have). I provided her with more information. I felt Taylor alleviated or alleviated some of her concerns). “

On another occasion, Randolph called Taylor very upset about another incident involving Smith. Randolph told Taylor on April 4, 2018 that Crosby police officers stopped traffic and made wireless communications asking Smith for backup. Randolph, who was in the office, heard the call, but Smith didn’t answer. When Randolph learned that Smith was unresponsive, he left the office and provided a backup of the officers.

Randolph told Taylor that this was an ongoing issue that Smith had not addressed and that court records indicate that he was escalating “to ignore now”. Randolph told Taylor, if in the future, If Crosby’s police officers were injured without a similar response, Crosby police said they would “sue the city of Deerwood.” Later, it was discovered that Smith had not heard the backup call, and as a result Taylor turned up the radio volume to all Deerwood officers, including Smith, so as not to overlook future requests for backup. I told you to leave it.

Goddard, who was unable to get comments, said in his letter that Deerwood police officers would continue to have access to Crow Wing County Prison as needed for their duties. However, they were arrested by police officers. Limited to the Sallyport, a safe garage area where individuals in the process of jail can be dropped off, and the pre-booked area.

If Deerwood police officers need to enter other areas of the courthouse, they need to get permission from the county’s patrol officer or sheriff’s office, Goddard wrote. The sheriff’s office will continue to respond to reports to Deerwood and assist the city if requested.

Deerwood Police Chief Mark Taylor (Forum News Service)

In a letter to Cognos, Goddard advised the staff to share concerns about the actions of Chief Tayeol actions’ Chief and pay attention to communication with him. “Staff professionalism, service to the public, We take pride in our relationship with local police officers. It’s a shame that there are examples of this distrust and skepticism. “

Goddard also sent a letter to the city or Ironton on a service contract with the Deerwood Police. Two to spread the letter to the city council and staff who would be affected by this action mentioned in this letter. Advised the city.

According to Crosby-Ironton Courier, Taylor made some comments on the letter at a meeting of the Ironton City Council on May 19. “If the sheriff’s department doesn’t respond to backups, police officers’ safety is a concern and public safety issues can arise,” Taylor said, according to the newspaper. Reported that as of that day, Mr Goddard had not told him about the matter.

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