Minnesota State colleges poised to increase tuition as enrollment slide continues

2022-05-17 19:19:57 –

Universities at Minnesota State College are poised to raise tuition fees by 3.5% next year, even though enrollment is expected to continue to decline.

Students attending 30 Minnesota communities and colleges will see an average increase of $ 185, according to admins, and students enrolled in the system’s seven colleges will pay an additional $ 300. If approved by the Minnesota Council next month, the tuition increase will be the third consecutive increase in the system.

Colleges and universities raised prices by 3% in the spring of 2021 and by about 3.4% in the fall of 2021. Currently, tuition fees average $ 8,900 at Minnesota State College and $ 5,700 at community and colleges of technology.

“We … hope that registration will eventually stabilize in the 2023 and 2024 fiscal years,” Minnesota’s Deputy Prime Minister for Finance and Facilities told the Board of Trustees on Tuesday. Said.

University of Minnesota Consider a 3.5% increase in tuition fees At the Twin Cities campus.

The 3.5% increase proposed by Minnesota may not generate enough income to run a budget deficit. This fall, the total number of subscribers to the system has dropped by 4% since this time last year.

system’s The registration problem got worse During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have lost 12% of our students in the last two years. Since 2010, the number of registrants for the entire system has decreased by a quarter, and the number of students has dropped from nearly 200,000 to just under 150,000.

During the pandemic, Minnesota State Schools were able to make up for their loss of income with the help of financial support from three federal stimuli passed by Congress. The university system received a total of about $ 600 million, about half of which had to be distributed as financial assistance to students. Maki said most of the money has been spent so far.

“The money won’t be available anymore,” Maki said. “Some universities offer safety nets that no longer exist to cover some of the ongoing costs.”

University leaders said income from the proposed tuition increase was needed to fill that gap and help offset inflation.

Without additional tuition income, Winona State University President Scott Olson said his school should consider reducing programs and services.

Joe Malford, president of Pine Technical and Community College in Pine City, said technical colleges need money to help pay for machines and equipment that are becoming increasingly expensive due to inflation. rice field.

“Machines are probably more expensive than ever,” Malford said.

According to Maki, six universities and one community college offering dormitories are expected to increase room and board fees by an average of about $ 340.

Minnesota has demanded $ 25 million from Congress to fund the tuition freeze, which was not included in the latest higher education proposals in the House or Senate.

“So far, that $ 25 million hasn’t received any support, and our university is in a position to seek a 3.5% increase in tuition,” Maki said.

The Board will vote for the system’s 2023 fiscal year budget in June, including a tuition increase.

Minnesota State colleges poised to increase tuition as enrollment slide continues Source link Minnesota State colleges poised to increase tuition as enrollment slide continues

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