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Minnesota State Patrol purged messages after Floyd protests – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-09-07 15:31:40 –

Minneapolis (AP) — Court testimony shows that Patrol, Minnesota, wiped out emails and text messages shortly after protests against George Floyd’s death, allegedly targeting journalists.

Attorneys at the American Civil Liberties Union’s Minnesota branch are trying to track state patrol behavior by removing messages as law enforcement agencies try to determine whether law enforcement has used inappropriate force on demonstrators. States that has become almost impossible.

This information was released at a hearing on July 28 in a lawsuit alleging that state patrols targeted journalists.

according to Associated PressOn July 28, Major Joseph Dwyer of the State Patrol said in his testimony that the correspondence had been deleted by himself and the “majority of institutions.”

The hearing record was published in court documents on Friday.

Bruce Gordon, a state patrol spokesman, said executives comply with all data retention requirements.

The AP reported that a proceeding was filed against Minneapolis police and state patrols. This is because authorities used “unnecessary and excessive force” on journalists who were there to cover their anxieties.

In his testimony, Dwyer did not order any soldiers to delete the records, but said they were “standard practices”, AP reported.

Minnesota State Patrol purged messages after Floyd protests Source link Minnesota State Patrol purged messages after Floyd protests

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