Minnesota to shift from daily to weekly COVID-19 reporting

2022-06-28 12:42:53 –

The COVID-19 indicator will be reported weekly rather than daily in Minnesota from Thursday as pandemic activity continues to decline.

Minnesota Health Department announced the switch on Tuesday Situation page An additional 3,362 cases of coronavirus infection and eight elderly COVID-19 deaths were found. This update, which raises the death toll from COVID-19 in Minnesota to 12,792, includes a weekend pandemic activity.

COVID-19 trends continued to improve in Minnesota, with the average 7-day new infection dropping from a recent peak of 2,100 per day in mid-May to less than 1,400 per day since mid-June. Hospitalization for COVID-19 in Minnesota decreased from 482 on May 31 to 379 on Monday.

The suspension of daily reporting is a somewhat straightforward indicator in itself. The state has maintained daily COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths for over 27 months, followed by many curious Minnesota citizens, who are unique in observing pandemic trends. I created a spreadsheet and a chart.

Report Breakthrough infections Vaccinated Minnesota will be moved from Monday to Thursday as part of the switch.hospital Number of capacities Currently reported separately in Minnesota, it will be moved to a new weekly state update. Wastewater sampling to detect virus levels is reported separately by the University of Minnesota and the Metropolitan Council.

With this change, the COVID-19 report will be more consistent with the seasonal influenza report. Every thursday.. The public response to COVID-19 and the pandemic has reduced the effects of seasonal influenza in winter for the second consecutive year. Influenza-related hospitalizations decreased from 4,022 in the 2019-2020 season to 35 from 2020 to 2021 and to 899 from 2021 to 2022.

Coronavirus variants pose a threat to young, unvaccinated adults, especially in the fall and early winter of last year. But the risks are shifting to the elderly again. It accounted for 72% of COVID-19 deaths in the last 12 months, but 88% of the 284 deaths reported since May 1.

Mortality is declining overall, and health officials attribute this to not only high levels of immunity from recent infectious diseases and vaccinations, but also low severity. Minnesota, the peak of the Delta COVID-19 wave last winter, reported 39 deaths per day. The state averages 4 to 5 deaths per day in June.

Minnesota to shift from daily to weekly COVID-19 reporting Source link Minnesota to shift from daily to weekly COVID-19 reporting

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