Minority rights and improper treatment of minorities

AL CAPONE WOULD I am aware of tactics. European Commission lawyers set about work when Hungary introduced legislation prohibiting the “promotion” or positive depiction of gay relationships and transgender people in schools. Brussels has little capacity for national education policy. no matter. Just as the Chicago gang fell for tax evasion rather than assault or murder, Victor Oban’s government violated an audiovisual media service directive on July 15, among other laws, that it could broadcast across borders. Was accused of doing so. Imagine an “untouchable” with a small number of machine guns and a lot of paperwork.

On the same day, another story was unfolding 140 miles from Brussels. In Luxembourg, the European Court of Justice ruled that European companies were within the right to dismiss Muslim women for refusing to take off their scarves.Such a decision did not violate EURules on discrimination in the workplace, as long as the rules prohibit all religious clothing and are necessary to stop “social conflict” or to avoid offending customers.

In general, EU The law is to provide a floor. Governments are free to provide higher protection than European minimum standards, such as maternity leave. Regarding the rules of blocking discrimination in the workplace, EU The judge dug the basement. Martijn van den Brink of Oxford University said the ruling hesitated to hurt his interests.

It was a strange moment. I have found that the law, which was designed primarily to prevent European television channels from being overwhelmed with American imports, is itself used to thwart Hungarian education law. on the other hand, EULaws against discrimination in the workplace did little to protect Muslim women who were dismissed in hats. Regarding minority rights EU You can be an ally or an accomplice: it can stick for them, or it can embed prejudice.

There was a time EU You can simply ignore such questions.When it was primarily the economic zone, the government could go beyond it as they wished. EUNarrow ability. Now, EU It covers the entire range of European life, from cash in Italian wallets to the limits of public sphere religion and the treatment of gay people. Everything is the work of everyone else.

This has political consequences. At a recent summit, European leaders lined up to attack Mr. Oban’s proposed anti-homosexual law.Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, said in Hungary EU If he passes such a law. Generally, domestic Hungarian policy does not offend the Dutch Prime Minister.But more money EU Level means more money will be distributed to poorer countries. Dutch taxpayers submit a bill of Hungarian prejudice. This means that Dutch politicians are now very concerned about it. The beating of punishment continues until morality improves.

The· EU After all, it’s a tool. It bids for its political master, the government of the country and ultimately the voters of Europe. For gay people, this is positive. Since the beginning of the millennium EU It’s been greatly improved because the old view has changed. Very few member states granted civil partnerships 20 years ago, but most now. Countries that once had strong homophobic laws, such as Ireland, where homosexual sex was a crime until 1993, have caught up. Although progress is much slower in Eastern Europe, countries such as Hungary and Poland that are actively retreating are outliers. By actively pursuing Poland and Hungary EU The institution is struck by the political wind.

They don’t always blow in the liberal direction. At the same time, countries cracked down on religious clothing. France has banned and led religious items for public sector staff as a way to implement the state’s strict secularism. It applies to all religions, but this move has the greatest impact on Islam in the country. Other countries followed suit. Now one third EU The country has rules banning burqas and scarves in certain circumstances. Britain, the largest supporter of the laissez-faire multicultural approach, EU.. (When Boris Johnson wrote a column that considered some Islamic women as letterboxing, it defended their right to dress as they wished.)

There is currently a particular view that wearing a scarf or kipper is within the right to dismiss someone. EU Thanks to the law, the Supreme Court of the club. The Commission can intervene by proposing to strengthen the law or by adopting Capone’s approach. I’m not going to do that. Some people think it’s too controversial to try. Some consider the French approach to be superior to the Anglo-Saxon approach.Just EUInstitutional power is now swaying behind gay rights, which follows the tendency of religious clothing, with Muslim women, Jewish men wearing kippahs, and turban-wrapped seeks. The religious people are in a hurry.

Platitude or punch up

Such battles will become more common. Throughout the club, European politicians are increasingly talking about “European values.” Previously, they signaled courtesy. European values ​​correspond to August democracy, human dignity, and long vacations. Now they signal a punch up.Any EU Governments that trample gay rights can expect political onslaught and bureaucratic beatings. Allowing a company to dismiss an employee to display a religion, depending on who they ask, is to defend or insult European values.The· EU I decided that it was the former.

Unlike problems in the normal economic area, these are not policies that can divide the difference.Conflict EU It is usually settled by money and negotiation. Deregulation of important industries here, veto removal, and bags of European subsidies for voting bags.As EU When you rush into identity issues, these issues are rarely resolved. EU The institution has to choose one or the other, someone has to win and someone has to lose. ■■

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Minority rights and improper treatment of minorities

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