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Mirabaud Lifestlye Impact & Innovation Invests in Highsnobiety

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July 31, 2021

For the past few years, the investment platform of the Swiss banking group Mirabaud has invested in Carel and others and has been aggressively lending to French brands through the Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant fund. Ann Fontaine, Zapa, Lecoq Sportif, And Mauboussin. However, the platform, backed by the expertise of former Minister and former LVMH executive Renault Dutrail, moved to a new stage of development last year.

Highsnobiety offers both online and offline content, as well as an e-commerce platform and content creation studio-Highsnobiety

Mirabaud Asset Management has persuaded investors to create a new investment tool called Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact & Innovation, led by David Wertheimer, son of Dutreil and Chanel’s Gérard Wertheimer. The structure had a total envelope between 200 million and 250 million euros.

“Our hope is to invest 75% of our capital in growing companies and generate a return of 10 to 50 million euros. The idea is to invest about 15 million euros in 12 companies. The rest. Twenty-five percent of them are investing an additional 12 in their early-stage businesses. These are companies that are making between € 1 million and € 10 million. They want to choose a future success story. ” , Dutreil explained to in January.

With the first beneficiary identified, Mirabaud has already stake in six “corporations” to meet the needs of a new generation of conscious consumers who are increasingly seeking to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable world. Announced that it has been acquired. Global positive impact. ”

While maintaining some discretion regarding the amount invested in these companies, the group has revealed two business profiles. One of them is Highsnobiety, an e-commerce and media platform focused on German street culture. “A global platform for young demographics covers news and trends in high fashion, streetwear, art and culture. The Mirabeau team is currently working with Highsnobiety executives on strategy, content creation and brand awareness. We are developing our own. An innovative offline experience, “the group explained in the release.

Founded in 2005 by current CEO David Fischer in Berlin, the company was hit by the 2020 Covid-19 crisis. Its business model not only combines editing services and shopping platforms, but also solutions for brands and advertisers offered through the HS Studio structure. .. In addition to being headquartered in Berlin, it has offices in Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.

The Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact & Innovation Fund also announced that it has acquired a stake in e-commerce service provider Intrepid. In June, Mirabaud was a major investor in the funding round, and the company, which provides e-commerce solutions to international brands looking to do business in Southeast Asia, received $ 11 million. Founded in 2019 and headed by Jasper Knoben, Intrepid is based in Singapore and has operations in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

“The companies we have identified are true“ next generation ”opportunities, each demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability,” explains David Weltheimer. “All of our investments show unique suggestions and an outstanding pipeline that we have access to. In each case, we work with other strategic investors who can support the development of these promising companies. I am. “

According to Mirabaud, it is in the process of completing two new investments.

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Mirabaud Lifestlye Impact & Innovation Invests in Highsnobiety

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