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Florence, South Carolina 2021-11-25 12:20:26 –

Greensboro, NC (WGHP) — A woman in Greensboro became her first mother at the age of fifty.

It is an era when childbirth is not always possible.

Susie Troxler laughed while hugging her nearly two-month-old baby, Lily Troxler.

“This is great. This is your miracle baby,” she said.

She and her 61-year-old husband Tony call their bunch of joy a miracle because it wasn’t easy for them to become parents.

In their 13-year marriage, pregnancy did not go well naturally.

“After you’re nine, ten, or eleven years old and you’re not even pregnant, you start saying,’Something might be here,'” she said.

Attempting to give birth never exceeded their hearts.

“I’m 50. My husband is 61. It’s not just what we grew up with,” she said.

Three years ago, Susie considered it after an annual trial with the new OBGYN at Corn Health.

“At the end of the promise … she said,’Do you have any concerns, questions, or wants to talk?’ Honestly, if she didn’t ask that question, Lily would probably not be here. Let’s do it, “said Susie.

She made an appointment with a fertility specialist. She learned that she had uterine fibroids and needed surgery.

In 2019, doctors removed them and Susie started several rounds of IVF.

“It didn’t take, so it was very disappointing. Then I recovered, I was ready to do a second embryo transfer, the COVID hit, and everything was put on hold for a year,” she said. rice field.

Last year, Troxler last attempted a pregnancy with the last viable frozen embryo.

This time it took time and Susie became pregnant. On September 29th, Baby Lily entered the world.

“It’s definitely worth it because of lack of sleep. It’s worth more. It’s still surreal. I don’t even have a word,” Susie said. “I have a great Thanksgiving when I was young. They are pale compared to this Thanksgiving, this little lady. I’m still looking at her … like this amazing little kid.”

Baby Lily will be two months old on Monday.

Troxler isolates her to ensure she stays healthy and safe while she boosts her immunity.

Next month, Susie plans to make her baby Lily’s family debut.

‘Miracle baby’: North Carolina woman becomes mom at 50 Source link ‘Miracle baby’: North Carolina woman becomes mom at 50

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