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rear Von Miller left his Russian sable hat and tears in Denver Following the trade from Broncos to the Los Angeles Rams, he cracked, “I slept 4-4 and woke up 7-1.”

Talk about the Hollywood ending of the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

He thought he had witnessed the Super Bowl 56, just like Camnewton, many years ago all afternoon as he continued to separate football and the Lombardi Trophy from the Carolina quarterback grasp.

However, the encore seems to slip off the mirror clutch, like many quarterbacks these days.

LA was more dystopian to Miller than Utopia, even though Odell Beckham Jr. escaped from cloudy Cleveland and teamed up with him in sunny Southern California.

Rams hasn’t won since the arrival of Miller.

The drought began with a 28-16 defeat to Tennessee at home when Miller sat on the butt of his ankle, which forced him to miss the last match of Broncos.He made his obscure Rams debut a week later with a 31-10 defeat in San Francisco and finally made his mark. LA’s 36-28 defeat in Green Bay on Sunday.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t for the bag — he didn’t have one of them since he shared the Ravens QB Lamar Jackson takedown with McTellbin Agim on October 3rd — but Aaron. It pulled a 15 yard penalty for a hit from his slow helmet to the chin to Rodgers.

Miller has four sack in recovery from an ankle injury that cost everything in 2020, and has only half the sack since September, when he won AFC’s Defensive Player Award this month.

He lost the last six games he played, and His ex-teammate in Denver is riding high After winning three out of four without him, the victory over Washington where he sat, the signature victory in Dallas, and the Chargers bang on Sunday tightened the AFC West.

Broncos (6-5) in Kansas City on Sunday night, while Rams (7-4) sits quite a bit in the NFC playoffs photo, despite being two games behind the Cardinals in the division. You can win and jump to the lead in the AFC West area. (7-4).

Broncos was sluggish as George Paton exchanged the franchise’s career sack leader for a pair of draft topics in 2022.

“Honestly, Fung did so many great things that I think it was like a kick in the ass. Super Bowl MVP, 10 sack, 20 sack, doing it all the time,” Miller’s old pass. Rush partner Bradley Chub said. “And there might have been some people around here who were a little more comfortable. When I saw someone like Von Miller trading, you said,” Wow! So we really are with anyone around here. I was able to trade. “

Suddenly, Chub said, everyone was writhing.

“It was one of the best players to go through Denver, and when dealing with him, it gave everyone that sense of urgency. No one’s work is safe and we all do it. We need to raise it further. “

What they have.

Rams is still trying to succeed with a 32-year-old superstar linebacker.

They gave them a great chance to jump over the Packers (9-3) in a race to gain a home field advantage in the NFC playoffs.

Matthew Stafford threw 3 consecutive game picks-6 And he also tinkered with football with his own 6 and set up Rogers’ 1-yard TD run, which started scoring.

Rams coach Sean McVay discussed the importance of stopping “self-harm” when trying to regain the early-season form.

Two of them came directly from McBay himself in the frigid Rambo field.

He aimed for it in his 29th to 4th and 1st place in the first quarter, and Darrell Henderson’s running back was stopped by safe Adrian Amos.

That led to Mason Crosby’s field goal, putting Rams in the 10-0 hole. This is an early double-digit deficit that often denies Miller’s Pass Rush prowess in the last few seasons in Denver.

“It felt like a short turn,” explained McBay, who made an even bigger mistake in the fourth quarter when Rams beat Packers 11-0, but when Amos regained an onside kick with 17 seconds remaining. Just shorted.

With about 90 seconds remaining, Rams reached the 35-yard line in Green Bay, facing 2nd and 15th, and long odds. They needed a two-point conversion field goal and TD sandwiched around a successful onside kick.

Stafford hit Cool Park 14 yards, taking 3rd and 1st place from 21st, with no time-out left at 1:11.

Instead of throwing the ball into the end zone with 3 downs, Rams ran the ball, and middle guard Kenny Clarke stopped Henderson in vain.

Matt Gay’s 39-yard player had only 18 seconds left to sail the upright into a one-score game.

FOXNFL lead game analyst Troy Aikman left it to McVay to waste 53 seconds in that situation.

“That is, even if they pick up the first down and get a new set of downs, the clock is still working,” Akeman said. “But they’re fighting the clock now and it’s a two-score game, so you throw it and try to put it in the end zone. Then, if you don’t do it, it stops the clock. Next, check if you can get an onside kick.

“So a lot of time took off there. That’s what McBay wants to get back.”

Miller woke up 7-4 the next morning, but in fact he hasn’t participated in the game the team won since September 26th and hasn’t had a bag since October 3rd. The return trip to the Super Bowl seems like this: As far away as ever.


Contributed by AP Sports Writer Steve Megagee in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


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