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Misleading mailer urges small businesses to pay a fee – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — News5 continues to uncover how costly and misleading mailers can be for people in South Colorado who can’t find a warning sign. In this case, small business owners should be aware of deceptive notices asking for an additional fee to submit state business documents.

Deceptive mailers can be expensive if you pay without reading the fineprints, whether it’s about student loans, homeowner issues, car guarantees, or, in this case, running a business. There is sex. That’s why a local business owner is working with us to disseminate information.

“My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2015,” said local small business owner Lauren Ferrara. “I wanted to interview him. He was this colorful Irish who had a great story, but I didn’t do it. It was a big regret of my life.”

After his father died, Ferrara decided to put together a video to honor his memory.

“Probably 30 people sat down and talked about him,” she said.

Seeing the power of these testimonies, Ferrara decided to start a small business.

“I launched Reasons to wait for the story And we create a family documentary, “she said.

Then she said she received an official looking letter by email.

“Even the form looks like it came directly from a government agency,” Ferrara said when sharing a letter with News5. “You see it, oh, I think I’m late for my bill payment. I need to do this.”

Many people pay the company $ 65 and submit business documents to the state, but in reality, that’s what people can do for themselves at a fraction of the price. It is printed finely.

“Therefore, at the bottom, there is a statement that’regular reports can be submitted directly through the Secretary of State of Colorado at a statutory cost of $ 10,'” said Ferrara.

Adarodriguez, the Better Business Bureau of South Colorado, shares Ferrara’s concerns about these mailers for small business owners.

“Therefore, you can work with the Secretary of State to complete this service without paying this third party. Therefore, this third party entity may be a legitimate business. Yes, but we do provide unethical service, “says Rodriguez.

Today, our local business community is working to spread the word.

“All small business owners you know can just let them know that this is happening and your neighbors can pause and investigate before paying the $ 65 fee. “Rodriguez said.

Colorado Secretary of State We have sent alerts for these types of mailers. With these solicitations, the following happens:

It looks like a government form.

Includes official looking stickers.

Please refer to the law or cite another law or law.

Failure to return the form and pay the fee means that the company may be at risk, the “law of denial of legal personality” may be violated, or the company’s submission to the state may be non-compliant. ..

Contains a “company number” or “company identification number” that does not match the number provided by the state or federal agency.

“Such companies can be considered legitimate intent just by getting your information,” Ferrara said.

If you receive any of these mailers, the Secretary of State of Colorado wants to know about it.

Companies that receive letters that appear to be misleading or confusing are advised to send an email to @ and contact them immediately.

You can also call 303-894-2200 and select option 2.

Personnel may request a copy of the notice, which can be faxed to 303-869-4864. Please keep the original notice, mailing envelope, and return envelope for your records.

Misleading mailer urges small businesses to pay a fee Source link Misleading mailer urges small businesses to pay a fee

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