Misperceptions about Elephant Butte water levels hurt tourism – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-10 00:25:26 –

Elephant Butte is New Mexico’s largest lake, even though it may appear to have low capacity levels. It covers 57 square miles.

On the day KOB 4 visited the lake, Gauge showed that the capacity of the elephant butte was just over 3%. However, only 3% means that the water depth is 30-60 feet.

“The lake is rarely full,” Brown said. “In the last 100 years, there have been two times when it was full, one in the 1940s and the other in the late 80s and 90s.”

Online data show constant water level fluctuations over decades.

Neil said that as the water level rises, the beach shrinks, limiting space for campers. Therefore, this summer is one of the rare summers when the water level and beach space are near perfect.

The perception that elephant buttes are depleted is hitting businesses in the region.

Earl Greer, chairman of the Elephant Butte Chamber of Commerce, said there were two major hurdles for businesses in the region. It is a misunderstanding about how much water the lake actually has, and the government mandated COVID-19 restrictions and closures.

“No one came in and no one was allowed to go out,” Greer said. “Many people come from El Paso, but they are not allowed entry, even though they cross state boundaries and have some property here.”

This summer’s monsoon pattern helped with this summer’s monsoon pattern, as this part of the state has worked to recover from both COVID-19 restrictions and misunderstandings. Stormwater raised the water level of Elephant Butte’s lake and encouraged people to return. As of Thursday, the lake is 5.5% full.

Misperceptions about Elephant Butte water levels hurt tourism Source link Misperceptions about Elephant Butte water levels hurt tourism

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