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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-28 07:25:43 –

Port Charlotte, Florida — A 15-year-old Texas girl who told her parents she was flying to a church hideout in Florida was rescued from a rental home found by a convicted serious offender.

According to a press release from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, 38-year-old Vincent Robusto was arrested on July 23 on several charges in the case.

Teen parents told police a few days ago that they boarded a plane where they believed they were a hideout for a comprehensive church in Florida.

After a few days of contact from a teenager, they contacted the authorities and her phone was at a vacation rental address in Florida.

Congressman knocked on the door and saw the man refuse to open the door and run into the back room. Police found the car on the driveway and contacted the owner. The owner was able to persuade Robust to come out of the front door with a teenager.

The teen told police that she tried to open the door for them, but was stopped by Robust and told to keep quiet. She told police she remembered getting off the plane at Fort Myers and walking down the street to where Robust met.

The two went to the house where she was found and had dinner. She was given an arc pen with an unknown substance.

The detective then contacted the church camp and discovered that the teenager had never been registered or attended the church. A teenage friend told police that he was communicating with an older man on a social media app.

Authorities searched vacation rentals and found eight rounds of ammunition in the semi-automatic pistol magazine.

Robust is guilty of unwilling arrest, obstruction of minor detention, possession of bullets or weapons by a convicted felony in the United States, drug-related equipment, and possession of bullets or weapons by a felony in the United States. I was arrested.

He was taken to Charlotte County Jail and his deposit was set at $ 325,000.

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