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The Chinese Garden is just one part of the Mission Garden, a live agricultural museum of traditional fruit trees adapted to the Sonoran Desert, local ancestral crops and edible native plants.

Photo by Rebecca Sasnett / Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Daily Star Richard Fetom Special

The mission garden at the foot of Sentinel Peak has a sense of peace and old wisdom that reflects my sense of architectural healing space and empowering place.

This garden is a reproduction of the garden built by the Spaniards as part of the San Augustine Mission Complex around 1780.

Richard Fe Tom

Courtesy Arizona Public Media

Five years ago, my wife Nancy and I were asked to help develop part of the Timeline Garden, in this case Chinese Garden.

The Chinese Garden began in early summer 2017 with seeds collected from an early pioneering Chinese family. We offered to water the newly planted heritage seedlings every night until irrigation took place.

After watering, Nancy and I walked between the garden and the fruit trees. As I talked while walking, I felt calm, energetic, healing and rejuvenating. Perhaps it was a dim sunset, the tranquility of the desert, the wisdom and voice of the former inhabitants, or the meditative music of the garden. It’s easy for me to say that this is my favorite place.

Volunteer Marissa Johnson is 946W. Place compost in preparation for growing wheat in the Spanish colonial vineyards in the Mission Gardens of Mission Lane.

Rebecca Susnet / Arizona Daily Star

Enter a four-acre sun-dried walled garden through a heavy wooden weave gate and layered views of traditional Spanish fruit trees, vine arboretum and timeline gardens overlooked by Mt. A. The space to define is started.

The beauty of the craftsmanship of volunteers from Mesquito and Okotiloramada, the Tarahumara chicken coop for traditional chickens, and other small structures and furniture are hidden in and around the yard.

Mission Garden preserves rich history, cultures of Tucson | Local news Source link Mission Garden preserves rich history, cultures of Tucson | Local news

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