Mississippi wins first CWS title, sweeping Oklahoma – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2022-06-26 18:25:16 –

Omaha, Nebraska (AP) —Mississippi scored two goals in a wild pitch in three runs and eight innings, and the rebels won their first national baseball title 4-2 in the College World Series final on Sunday.

The Rebels (42-23) have been the eighth national champion of the Southeastern Conference since 2009. The trophy remains in Magnolia for the second consecutive year. Mississippi won the championship last year.

Oremis benefited from a runner interference call that escaped from Oklahoma (45-24) in the sixth inning. The rebels also overcame the spectacular pitching performance by Cade Houghton, who set the record for the CWS final with 13 strikeouts.

Brandon Johnson faced Johnson in the 9th inning 1-2-3, with catcher Hayden Dunhurst rushing to the mound and hugging him, and Sebastian Orduno swinging to miss the final pitch.

The last team to receive a large bid for the NCAA tournament, the Rebels, was 8 times 2 to 1. Trevin Michael relieved Houghton with a one-out, and Jacob Gonzales passed a single on the right to drive at Tyinglan.

Later, Michael (4-2) melted and brought in Justin Bench for Gore Head Run, unleashing another wild pitch to bring in Gonzales.

Hunter Elliott hit three hits, allowing two runs in the 6 1/3 innings. Mason Nichols and John Gaddis (4-2) brought Johnson to 9th place.

Houghton allowed four hits and walked nothing during the Sterling 107 pitch performance.

Oklahoma seemed to take the 1-0 lead in 6th place, but John Spykerman, who defeated the squeeze bunt, was asked to interfere with the runner because he interfered with first baseman Tim Elko and tried to catch Elliott’s throw. Sometimes the run went down.

Jackson Nicklaus was hit by inning-leading Elliott, who finished third after sacrifices and wild pitches. He returned home with Spykerman’s bunt, but Oremis coach Mike Bianco asked for a video review when Spykerman was first called safe.

Spykerman knocked off Elco’s glove the first time he ran through, and the ball ended up in the foul territory. Cole was overturned, Spykerman determined he was inside the baseline when he ran through the bag, and Nicklaus had to return to third base.

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Mississippi wins first CWS title, sweeping Oklahoma Source link Mississippi wins first CWS title, sweeping Oklahoma

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