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Missouri AG asks parents to report school districts enforcing mask mandates and quarantines | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-12-08 19:54:00 –

Missouri ( Attorney General of Missouri is now doubling in the fight against Mask’s obligations by asking parents to speak to their children’s schools to enforce health rules.

On Wednesday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt tweeted a hint line for parents to send email.

Some parents have already begun reporting the school to AG’s office, while others in the St. Louis and St. Charles County areas have criticized Schmidt’s move.

“Masks aren’t harming our children,” said Megan Dunavant, the parent of the Parkway School District. “What’s more important? Watch out for you, yourself, your family, and the people around you, or just get angry and upset because someone has you wearing a mask. . “

Dunavant’s confusion and frustration are shared among other parents as Schmidt calls on the public school district to stop enforcing mask mandates and quarantine orders.

Jarrett Pillsbury, parent of Frances Howell School District, said: “And I hope AG Schmidt and the rest of his party take this seriously.”

Schmidt’s recent letter to the school district is frowned upon by state legal and political experts.

“It’s actually an illegal move,” said Ken Warren, a professor of political science at St. Louis University. “Chapter 167 of Missouri Law has a law that allows school districts to make their own decisions regarding the safety of school public health. It is as clear as a crystal.”

News 4 asked the Office of the Attorney about the statute. In a statement, Missouri Attorney General Chris Nuer said:

“There are too many schools in the state to keep healthy children out of school and stay home. The school district doesn’t have that power. Keeping children out of school because of illness is , A completely different issue, a separate issue from quarantine. “

Schmidt’s office issued this answer regarding a claim from a lawyer representing the school district that a recent Cole County ruling does not apply to their mask mandate and quarantine policy:

“Legal experts are wrong. It’s very obvious. The legislature does not delegate the authority to issue public health orders such as mask orders and quarantine orders to school districts and boards of education.”

However, Professor Warren told News 4 that the move to remove these health mitigation strategies is simply a political move.

“And the purpose behind these proceedings is to set up a base and raise it to run for the US Senate in 2022. Taxpayer money because he is not serving public goods. Is wasting, “Warren said.

Schmidt’s office refutes those claims:

“The criticism is completely unfounded and ridiculous. As State Attorney General, Attorney General Schmidt is fighting for the freedom and freedom of all six million Missouri citizens, which he will continue to do. is”

On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson shared his thoughts on Schmidt’s criticism of the push against Maskmandate.

“Every elected civil servant needs to decide what he thinks is right for the state, and people need to focus on what politics is and what it is,” Parson said. Said. And I hope that all elected civil servants will bring the people of this state to the fore before any kind of politics is involved. I think so. “

News 4 asked Schmidt’s office why the public school district could not continue to enforce masks and quarantine orders if the school board voted for these measures.

“Parents themselves should have the ability to decide to send their child to school with or without a mask, which should not be imposed by school bureaucrats.”

Missouri AG asks parents to report school districts enforcing mask mandates and quarantines | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Missouri AG asks parents to report school districts enforcing mask mandates and quarantines | St. Louis News Headlines

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