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Missouri businesses, protesters slam Biden’s vaccine mandate | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-09-15 15:13:00 –

Jefferson City, Missouri (AP) — Missouri lawmakers, business lobbyists, and protesters opposed Vaccine obligations for large corporations planned by President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

The business group warned a committee of members of the House of Representatives that Biden’s plans would have a devastating impact on small businesses as protesters gathered in the parliamentary amphitheater with handmade signs.

Biden said last week that the Ministry of Labor was working to require companies with more than 100 employees to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19, or to show negative test results at least weekly. Announced.

Biden last Thursday as part of a new mission and several other efforts by the government to curb the surge in coronavirus delta variants that are responsible for the surge in infections, hospitalizations and deaths in the United States. Announced the steps.

However, the move has caused widespread anger among Republican-led parliaments in Missouri.

House Republican leaders sent a letter to Biden on Tuesday calling the plan “apparently unconstitutional” and demanding that it provide legal justification.

They also called for a hearing on Wednesday — when lawmakers were already scheduled to come to the Capitol to consider revoking the governor’s veto — it gave critics the opportunity to publicly vent. rice field.

“This week, the Biden administration has seen anti-freedom, anti-Americanism, and my belief that it is unconstitutional,” Republican Rep. Nick Schroer said in a hearing of the committee.

Jogen Schlemeier, a lobbyist at the Missouri Supporters’ Life Association, said Biden’s plans would not mean that more people would be vaccinated in Missouri. He said some workers wanted to quit and find another job rather than being vaccinated or facing weekly tests.

“Mandates don’t really increase immunization rates,” Schlemeier said. “It’s just a balloon squeeze, and employees move away from their current 100+ employers.”

The Missouri Healthcare Association’s Executive Secretary, Nikki Strong, said the mission could “thin out” the long-term care workforce. She said a facility told her that the impact was “catastrophic.”

Strong also warned lawmakers that the mission could adversely affect nursing home efforts to increase vaccination rates.

“It produced almost a lot of pushback,” said Strong. “It made our ability to educate and persuade people to vaccinate more difficult.”

Outside the hearing room, the protesters had signs saying “My body, my choice” and “Stop government orders.”

“This is our state. Republican Senator Bill Eigel told a cheering crowd in Rotunda.” And you don’t have to do what Biden instructed us. “

The Ministry of Labor is working on issuing emergency rules to implement mandates.

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Missouri businesses, protesters slam Biden’s vaccine mandate | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Missouri businesses, protesters slam Biden’s vaccine mandate | St. Louis News Headlines

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