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Missouri effort to legalize recreational cannabis grows – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-07-16 21:40:24 –

Kansas City, Missouri — A group of Missouri activists hopes that the 2022 ballot will reflect the initiative’s petition for recreational or adult cannabis.

“The idea here is to give consumers affordable access to good products and avoid having to participate in illegal activities,” said Eric Maxwayne, a spokesman for Fair Access, Missouri. That’s it. ” “We know that consumers are already participating in adult use. It’s not a legally regulated market.”

Fair Access Missouri Submitted some petitions Being with the Secretary of State’s office, some additional hurdles need to be overcome before citizens can vote on this issue. If any of the petitions have ever been successful, allow people over the age of 21 to use cannabis.

Activists like McSWain said this would also open the market for more economic gain.

And what sets this initiative apart from other initiatives is that it does not include a license cap that is significantly different from the state’s medicinal plans. The effort limited licenses to 348, shutting out more than 1,000 hopeful business owners.

“On average, even daily individuals who aren’t cannabis consumers will benefit because it’s an increase in tax revenue,” Maxwayne said. “Maybe we can get some work done on the road.”

Now, business owners whose application is rejected in the drug process wonder if this will be their ticket.

“I think it will allow people to participate in it,” said Mike Jones. “For example, the property you see behind me was intended to be a pharmacy.”

Jones owns two cannabis facilities in Oklahoma, but applications for pharmacies and cultivation facilities on 39th Avenue and Woodland Avenue have been rejected.

He said Missouri’s prices are exorbitantly high compared to Oklahoma, which is booming in pharmacies and open markets.

Jones said legitimate entertainment cannabis could mean a pharmacy in every corner and is worried about product quality.

“I think recreation will come, whether I want it or not,” Jones said. “I want to keep it medical, but I want access at a decent price for patients who need it. That shouldn’t be too many to ask.”

From here, the petition requires the approval of the President of the Attorney. Then they go to the public comment period. You need to approve your finances and language. FairAccess can then collect 171,000 signatures and place them on ballots.

NORML, a group that worked on legalizing medical cannabis in 2018, is also working on a petition for an adult cannabis initiative. A spokeswoman said he would submit it shortly. The group had a signature to post the issue on the ballot in May 2020, but COVID-19 got in the way.

A Missouri Parliamentary Bill Although it would have legalized recreational cannabis, all proceedings against the bill ended in May.

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