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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson touts handling of COVID-19 pandemic – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-01-27 16:39:11 –

Jefferson City, Missouri — Missouri Governor Mike Parson said in a state speech Wednesday that an outbreak among lawmakers would break his tradition and force him to switch his address, even if the coronavirus Advertised the handling of pandemics.

“Again and again, our administration tackles the challenges of our community and our nation head-on,” Mr. Parson said in a prepared statement provided to reporters before beginning his speech. It’s done.

The speech was moved earlier in the day from the traditional House of Representatives due to COVID-19 concerns about its branch of Parliament.

Kelly Jones, a spokeswoman for Person, said Wednesday morning that the Governor’s Office was notified by the House that the chamber could not be used due to concerns about COVID-19. Instead, she said the Republican governor would give his speech in the Senate, which is smaller than the House of Representatives room.

House canceled all work last week due to a COVID-19 case among its members, but resumed work this week. Senator Andrew Koenig said the COVID-19 test was positive and two other senators were in quarantine, but the Senate is still in session.

Person’s comments are also backed by his decision to preach “personal responsibility” rather than leading state-wide action. More than 7,000 Mizurians have died from COVID-19, leaving collection restrictions and masking obligations to the local health department.

State Last dead rank Based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed and administered at the beginning of the week.

Despite the beating of a “personal responsibility” plan to deal with the pandemic, both Person and his wife Teresa were infected with COVID-19 in September.

In his speech Wednesday, Parson said his policy priorities for next year are in line with what he has emphasized in the past: improving labor development, education and infrastructure across the state. ..

His budget includes approximately $ 3.6 billion in core funding for schools from public kindergarten to high school that meet the minimum recommendations set by state law.

The person also urged parliamentarians to return the primary funding of public four-year colleges to pre-pandemic levels. He cut state funding for those schools when the coronavirus first struck and began to afflict the state economy.

The Parson administration also said it plans to spend about $ 1.9 billion to extend Medicaid health insurance coverage to lower-income adults, as voters requested last year. The expansion is primarily funded by the federal government, and the net cost of state revenue is estimated to be close to $ 120 million next year.

Missouri Voters approve Medicaid expansion In August, Initiatives that the person opposed..

Mr. Person called on lawmakers to pass a law to prevent hospitals, manufacturers, and other businesses from being sued for providing non-ideal services during a pandemic.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson touts handling of COVID-19 pandemic Source link Missouri Gov. Mike Parson touts handling of COVID-19 pandemic

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