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Missouri Gov. Parson Announces $10,000 Vaccine Incentive – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-07-21 17:46:00 –

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  • Screenshots via Governor’s Office
  • Missouri Governor Mike Parson has begged residents to consider vaccination — now with additional incentives.

With a variant of the Delta running through southwestern Missouri, Governor Mike Parson has announced a new “red, white, blue” incentive program to get more jabs. You have a chance to win $ 10,000.

Incentive giveaways are divided into three color-coded groups. This means you can make money even if you have already taken a shot. The red group is made up of Missourians who are at least 18 years old.Single dose After July 21st, Those who received at least one dose Before July 21st It belongs to the White Group.

The blue group consists of vaccinated Missourians between the ages of 12 and 17 who are taking it at any time.

And this is not a one-time event. Five rounds of prizes will be announced by October 20th, and the first round lottery is scheduled for August 13th.

Applicants, including those who have already been vaccinated, must register for the draw to be eligible for the prize. According to the freebie web page, applicants will only need to register once as the entries that are not won will be “rolled over” to the next draw.

Each draw will win 80 prizes in red and blue groups. The blue group has 20 winners in each draw, but unlike the red and blue groups, the prizes awarded to adolescents and teens are in the form of a $ 10,000 college savings account. Provided at.

The announcement will be made about a month after the person Mocked the effectiveness of the vaccine incentive program“What happens when someone thinks it’s the next crisis? Will the government come and give some reward to it?”

However, with a highly infectious variant of COVID’s devastating hospitals in Springfield and Green County, the person did not return to that particular taste whataboutism on Wednesday.

Instead, at a press conference announcing a new state incentive program, the governor warned that “unvaccinated Mizurians are the main target for this new strain.” According to the state, about 47% of Missouri residents have been vaccinated at least once, and 40% have been vaccinated. COVID data tracker.

Mr Parson said he hopes the incentive program “encourages Missourians to explore every opportunity available to get vaccinated,” but his remarks twist the same belief. It also reflects the challenge of reaching people False information actively boosted by Republicans..

Person did not call on members of his party, but approached to blame the spread of delusional thoughts that undermined attempts to prevent people from dying from preventable illnesses.

At the end of his remark, Person spoke directly to the Misurians. He asked them to trust their doctors and look for a reliable source of health. “Avoid confusion,” he urged, “all having a scenario of fate and darkness throughout our state, all the false information out there, and the political agenda to talk about viruses.” People “.

For more information on getting vaccines, registering for lottery, and a list of frequently asked questions, Go to the MO VIP web page.

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