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Missouri House votes to crack down on highway protests | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-05-05 06:30:00 –

Missouri, Columbia (AP) — On Tuesday, a Republican-led house in Missouri cracks down on road blockade protesters after amending measures to squeeze provisions from dozens of other loosely related bills. Law passed.

The· Main invoice, Approved 98-50 is a felony to repeatedly block traffic without permission. This is a tactic that has been used to draw attention to racial injustice.

Republican bill sponsor Bill Eigel said he thought about the idea after being angry at the opposition’s death. George Floyd Last summer, we blocked traffic on Interstate 70 in the St. Louis region. He claims that blocking the highway puts protesters and drivers at risk.

During debate in the House of Representatives, Democrat LaKey ShaBosley of St. Louis said he needed to tackle the fundamental problem of driving the Misulians to the streets.

She said Tuesday’s passage of the bill would instead indicate that Congress is trying to curb protests.

“We are angry that you are confusing our happy little life, you talk to us and show our inequality and how wrong we are. I’ve told them many times that I’m doing it, “Bosley said.

The· legislation Also, criminals who commit dangerous felony crimes against police, firefighters, or other first responders must provide the full text without the opportunity for probation.

Another provision provides guidelines for an internal review of possible police misconduct. The bill sets a 90-day limit on suspected police misconduct, with exceptions. Among other provisions, this bill will keep all records of those internal police investigations private.

“If you’re behind law enforcement today, you know what to do. Republican Rep. Nick Schroer, a suburb of St. Louis, said,” I’ll vote for it. “

Tuesday legislator Added provisions They range from police bans on strangler figs to allowing guns hidden in places of worship without the permission of religious leaders.

The tactic of packing multiple invoices into a comprehensive package is commonly used by lawmakers near the end of the session, which is May 14, this year.

The goal is to prioritize as much as possible in the hope that major legislation will cross the finish line and lead other means to success.

The massive addition of the House of Representatives almost certainly guarantees that the Senate sponsors of the bill will require that some new provisions be removed from the bill before returning to the House of Representatives and the Senate for a final vote.

In particular, the bill also looks like this:

1. Reduce the age at which someone can first get a hidden carry permit from 19 to 18

2. Legalize brass knuckles

3. Police have sex with detainees, prisoners, or someone else in custody and criminalize the use of coercion

4. Allow the judge to steal your driver’s license if people do not appear in court twice.This is a change criticized by defenders of court reform adopted following Michael Brown’s deadly police shooting at Ferguson.

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Missouri House votes to crack down on highway protests | News Headlines Source link Missouri House votes to crack down on highway protests | News Headlines

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