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Tampa, Florida 2021-03-04 10:19:38 –

Kansas City, Missouri — A bill passing through the Missouri and Kansas parliaments is a crime Some healthcare services Restrict access to transgender youth sports.

Proponents of the LGBTQ community said these bills only hurt transgender children, but the lawmakers behind them said it was a move to protect children.

Kansas House Building 2210 And Missouri House Building 33 Performing sex reassignment surgery, procedures, or surgery for transgender children under the age of 18, including secondary puberty blockers and hormone therapy, is a crime for physicians.

Sex reassignment surgery is widely restricted to people over the age of 18.

The Missouri bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Suzie Pollock, also includes parents who help and assist their children in receiving these treatments and must be reported to the state’s children’s department.

“Our kids are listening to it,” said Shira Berkowitz of PROMO Missouri. They than these bills set to attack them. ”

PROMO Missouri, LGBTQ Rights Group, and the American Civil Liberties Union protested HB 33 in Jefferson City on Wednesday, but the hearing was cancelled. No new date has been set.

“It’s a clear victory for her and other officials to understand that this is a really delicate issue for us and we don’t have to mix the voices of politicians,” Bertwitz said. ..

The Kansas bill also needs to pass the committee’s hearing.

Republican Rep. Brett Fairchild, who represents District 113, introduced it and three of his colleagues co-sponsored it.

“I don’t think the child has developed the mental ability or maturity to make life-changing decisions that change gender,” Fairchild told KSHB. “Children are constantly changing their mindset. It is documented that many children who have begun to move to the opposite sex will regret their decision.

“I think we need to make a child a child. I don’t think a 7 year old child should think about his gender. When a child can choose his parents and those around him, he can choose the opposite sex. I didn’t say. I think this is just being forced by the children, so I introduced the HB2210 to protect the rights of the children in the state. “

Co-sponsor Cheryl Helmer (R-Kansas) said she was only opposed to the children being surgically remodeled.

“If the child has a tendency or curiosity, or if there is a” fashion “to become gay, the child [needs] Parents who accept conversations with school, [their] A pediatrician, and an experienced occupational therapist, will work with the child before a permanent decision is made. “

Brian Carter, a pediatrician and bioethicist, said the bill raises ethical issues and medical decisions should be left to doctors, children, and parents.

“These decisions actually belong to the area of ​​privacy of that relationship, its therapeutic relationship,” Carter said. “They shouldn’t be invaded by a state that says you can’t do any of the things.”

Carter also said that not all children are the same, just as not all pregnancies are the same and old age is not experienced in the same way.

“In this situation, to comprehensively indicate that one thing cannot be done, or cannot be done, is to treat all such people as a single entity, and we each I know I’m an individual, “Carter said.

MO House Joint Resolution 53 A hearing on Wednesday is also scheduled, and a vote to change the state constitution is required in the November 2022 elections, saying that high school athletes can only play sports according to the gender listed on the birth certificate. Will be.

The bill is sponsored by Republican Rep. Chuck Basie, who represents District 47. He said the bill is a way to protect the integrity of school sports.

“It’s a very emotional type of subject, and some of my colleagues disagree with me about this, and that’s okay,” Basay told KOMU.

For example, if a transgender girl wanted to play sports, she couldn’t play in a girls team because she was born with male genitals.

“Politicians are trying to create problems that don’t exist,” Berkowitz said. “It is life-threatening for a child to be in school and have to change himself after school for sports activities.”

Kansas has a similar bill that limits transgender athletes. Senate Bill 208 Only those who are biologically female will require that they be able to play in women’s sports teams.The· Commission on Federal and State AffairsIs made up of all Republicans except minority ranking members and sponsors the bill.

Berkowitz said PROMO will continue to fight these and other similar bills.

“We know that all children should be treated with dignity and respect, and we are given all the support systems that are there for us to prosper,” Berkowitz said. Said.

This story was originally published by Sarah Plaque of KSHB.

Missouri, Kansas bills would criminalize some transgender health care services Source link Missouri, Kansas bills would criminalize some transgender health care services

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