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Missouri legislature enters final week with long to-do list – Kansas City, Missouri

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Missouri parliamentarians must complete their work until 6 pm on Friday before they are adjourned that year. // Photo: Tim Bommel / Missouri House Communications

Missouri parliamentarians enter the final week of the legislative session on Monday and have long-standing tensions that can upset the laundry list of unfinished businesses and hopes for progress.

After finishing the work of Last week’s largest state budget in Missouri historyThe Republican majority in the House and Senate wants to begin carving out election year priorities before the final Gavel falls into the 2022 session at 6 pm on Friday.

From long-term goals (making it difficult to change the Constitution through the initiative’s petition process), adding to the election year agenda (transgender students joining a sports team that matches their gender identity) Until (block), Republicans have all the votes they need to establish their vision for the state government.

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The last week of the session is most often dominated by friction between the House of Representatives and the Senate, and between the Governor and Parliament.But this year, the rift within the Senate Republican Party was hit by the Chamber of Commerce. Basically divided into 3 parties — Democrats and Republicans have worked with Senate leaders and conservative Caucus.

Hostility between the two Republican factions regularly overturned the Senate’s ability to function. But legislative leaders are optimistic that the party could rally and send its priorities to Governor Mike Parson’s desk in the last few days before the recess.

“What I tell people is that they rarely stay in the same place at the end of a session. It’s a matter of the way to get there,” Senate leader Caleb Roden, R. -Columbia. “This was a painful road on certain days and weeks.”

Roden expects fewer invoices to pass this year, but says some high-value items will cross the finish line. He believes the Chamber of Commerce is in a much better place than it was a few months ago when the Senate seemed unthinkable because it “hit a crazy crescendo.”

If the Republicans are united, they can overcome Democratic opposition, said Senate minority leader John Reso, D-Independence.

“When they decide to gather similar hearts, they can press the accelerator pedal with the number they have,” Rizzo said. “So we hope next week we can continue to be wise to help Missouri move forward, not political leanness in the election year.”


Nothing is as big as a constituency change, as the conservative Caucus pushed a map targeting safe Democratic seats in Kansas City.

Conservative Caucus Goal Gerrymandering Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver’s Seat Dead away from the Democratic Party, the group wants to strengthen Republican power, at least in the St. Louis district on the outskirts of Ann Wagner.

House is Ready to pass a new version of the map Wagner’s Second District includes parts of St. Louis County, as well as parts of St. Charles, Warren, and Franklin County. District 3 extends from the suburbs of St. Louis to central Missouri. Colombia is divided into the center, the south into the third district, the north into the fourth district, and extends west to the Kansas border.

It remains unclear whether the new map can beat the Senate’s conservative Caucus. Senator Bob Onder, a Republican and conservative caucuse in St. Louis, said last week. I wasn’t consulted about the proposal..

However, House Majority Leader Dean Plocher, R-Deperez, said lawmakers did not want the subdivision process decided by the court. Currently, there are three proceedings in dispute requiring the judge to create a map.

“We are still trying to do what we need,” he said. “And we are ready to work with people for up to 12 hours if needed.”


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Senate majority leader Caleb Roden will speak at a press conference on March 10, 2022, under the watchful eye of Senate Chair Pro Tem Dave Schatz. // Photo by Tessa Weinberg / Missouri Independent

Republicans are trying to pass a bill again that establishes requirements for photo IDs to vote. It has been a party priority for over a decade, but has been overwhelmed by courts many times.

Senate Democrats sat down last week after a bill blocked nine hours of filibuster and could add a clause allowing absentee ballots for two weeks before the election day.

Republicans are also considering a bill that requires voters to make it. Difficult to change constitution Through the initiative petition process.

Democrats, plagued by a majority of Congressional Republicans, are increasingly going to the General Assembly to formulate policies through ballots. Proposals for abolishing labor rights laws, expanding the scope of Medicade, raising the minimum wage, legalizing medical marijuana, and enacting campaign ethics laws have been approved by voters over opposition from elected Republican officials.

Correspondingly, Republican-supported proposals of the initiative by increasing costs, increasing the number of signatures required, raising the criteria for passage, and requiring Congress to approve those approved by voters. Aim for the petition process.

The House of Representatives has approved numerous versions of this idea, but in the Senate, the proposal will undoubtedly run into fierce opposition from the Democratic Party.


Under a bill that passes the Senate and awaits final approval in the House, the state will invest more money in charter schools. Through basic formula adjustmentHow Missouri Calculates Aid to Schools.

The House of Representatives has postponed final approval of the bill to see if the Senate can pass several versions of the Public Registration Act. Allow students to attend the school district Outside of what they live in.

The single-family open registration bill has not yet been taken up by the Senate, and the provisions for establishing a state-wide program have been removed from the Senate’s education bill, which is the furthest in the process.

Parliamentarians are also considering controversial proposals, such as banning transgender students from joining sports teams that match the gender they identify. The Senate has already derailed the law once..

The same applies to legislative promotion The so-called “Parental Bill of Rights” This allows parents to file a civil suit against the school district and ban the teaching of critical racial theory in connection with it.

There was also a push to clarify state law and ensure that schools were banned from enacting mask obligations. Attorney General Eric Schmidt has filed dozens of proceedings against the school district alleging that state law prohibits the obligation of masks. Work with lawmakers in all sessions to change the law to be specific..


bill Exemption from so-called “advanced recycling” facilities Due to the permit requirements to manage the solid waste facility, it seems likely that the final week of the session will be successful.

The chemical industry and business groups say advanced recycling is a tool for reducing plastic waste and a more sustainable future, but environmentalists help the industry produce primarily more fossil fuels. The process is said to be “greenwashing”.

The Senate discussed the proposal last week, and Democrats expressed concern, but focused their anger on the provisions added to the bill. Several state regulations on hazardous waste..

Democrats have vowed to obstruct the proceedings, Republicans have forgiven, and appear ready to remove the wording of hazardous waste from advanced recycling bills.


Among the top priorities of Republican legislative leadership in the final week Prohibit visitor restrictions Hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill, called the “Patient-Free Law,” allows a spouse or legal guardian and at least one of the three “essential supporters” to be present at a hospital or medical facility.

Republicans also want them to be able to Add work requirements for those who qualify for Medicaid under voter-approved extensions Part of the Medicaid program is covered by an annual budget. But over time, the Democratic opposition to this idea can diminish the chances in the Senate.

Also, facing long odds is a bipartisan push. Expand Medicaid coverage to low-income women Up to 1 year after giving birth. The bill ran into problems after the conservative Caucus called for an amendment to ban the receipt of public funds for planned parent-child relationships.

Some bills are aimed at mandating vaccines, and others focus on banning mandated by state governments. Others extend the ban to the private sector.. Lawmakers are also on the verge of demanding that schools test and potentially filter drinking water. To prevent lead poisoning..

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