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Missouri officials urge vaccinations before Fourth of July | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-06-08 16:12:00 –

In southwestern Missouri, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to surge, calling on residents to be vaccinated before gathering for activities on July 4.

Katie Towns, deputy director of health at Springfield Greene County, said 142 new coronavirus infections were reported on Tuesday, with a seven-day average of 62, the highest level since February 10. It was. ..

Mr Towns said at a news conference that Memorial Day gatherings were part of the recent epidemic. She said she was concerned about the pending Independence Day gathering.

“The rally will continue to be a place where COVID spreads, as it has been during this pandemic,” Towns said.

Coronavirus-related cases and hospitalizations have declined sharply since winter, largely due to vaccination. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 42.1% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Missouri is lagging behind, with 35.6% of all populations fully vaccinated, and the rate of full vaccination in the southwestern part of the state is much lower.

According to state health agency data, 31% of Greene County residents have been vaccinated, and in some counties in southwestern Missouri, complete vaccination rates are less than 30% and less than 20%. There are also several states.

Two counties in northern Missouri-Livingston and Grundy-have the highest number of new cases per person in the state, based on a seven-day average. However, the following eight jurisdictions (seven counties and the city of Joplin), which have the highest seven-day averages, are all located in the southwest corner of Missouri.

Steve Edwards, CEO of Cox Health, wrote on Twitter Monday that a variant of Delta “is likely to be widespread,” contributing to an increase in illness and hospitalization. Cox Health operates hospitals throughout southwestern Missouri.

“The unvaccinated person is a sitting duck. The vaccinated person is almost 100% protected from serious illness and hospitalization,” Edwards wrote.

Hospitalization is stable throughout the state, with 620 people receiving COVID-19 treatment at Missouri hospitals as of Saturday. This is the latest data available.

The State Department of Health has listed 513,858 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 9,189 deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic. Among these deaths are 51 new deaths that occurred earlier but were not previously reported, quoted on Tuesday. Thirty-six of the deaths were last month and the rest go back to August.

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Missouri officials urge vaccinations before Fourth of July | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Missouri officials urge vaccinations before Fourth of July | St. Louis News Headlines

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