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Missouri Republicans Won’t Fund Medicaid Expansion in Budget, But Fight Isn’t Over – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-05-07 18:58:00 –

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  • Doyle Murphy
  • The Medicaid extension could then go to court.

Republican legislators today refused to fund a voter-approved Medicaid expansion of the state budget sent to the governor, but the fight isn’t over yet.

These lawmakers in favor of the expansion say the state is obliged to accept the will of voters approved in August. Constitutional amendment to extend medical benefits to Mizurians Earn less than $ 18,000 a year.

Even before the Republicans officially refused to expand budget funding, Democrats promised to move forward.

“We will fight,” said Senator Brian Williams, D-St. Louis County joined a black minister from all over the state on Thursday for a press conference in front of the Missouri Supreme Court. “We will continue to push until we bring this to the judge.”

Missouri is one of only 14 states that have not been expanded, and is the only state other than Oklahoma that has been approved for expansion but has not been expanded. This expansion extends Medicaid’s reach to an additional 275,000 Missourians.

Williams and other Democrats urged Missouri to apply for coverage when qualifying on July 1 under a constitutional amendment passed by voters.

Republicans who fought the expansion claim that the Mizurians were fooled into voting, and GOP lawmakers claim they knew what was best for them.

“I’m proud to oppose the will of those who lied, because that’s our job,” said Republican Lake Saint-Louis Justin Hill. I said in a floor discussion last month..

Congressman Peter Merides of St. Louis, a Democrat in the House Budget Committee rankings, fought fiercely throughout sessions to expand Medicaid, leaving the state at the table by spurring federal matches. I pointed out that it would be. After today’s vote, the Republicans have dismissed voters’ will, in an official statement. “The GOP Congress basically gave them the middle finger today.”

Governor Mike Parson still needs to approve the budget and he hasn’t announced a decision yet.

“Once the budget is finalized, we will evaluate the options and legal requirements on how to proceed with the expansion of Medicaid.” He said in a tweet on April 29th..

D-Springfield, the leader of the House minority, has appealed to the governor to stand by the voters.

“As a former sheriff, the governor has built a solid reputation by respecting and upholding the law,” Quad said in writing. “I don’t think he will undermine his reputation by playing political games at the lives of 275,000 fellow Missourians and refusing to fulfill his constitutional obligations. Despite opposition, the governor consistently promised to carry out voters’ will on Medicaid expansion, and he did not give us any reason to expect him not to respect his words. . ”

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Missouri Republicans Won’t Fund Medicaid Expansion in Budget, But Fight Isn’t Over Source link Missouri Republicans Won’t Fund Medicaid Expansion in Budget, But Fight Isn’t Over

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