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Missouri Wolverines field at Heim’s Electric Park restored – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-09-11 23:55:55 –

Kansas City, Missouri — A week ago, Wolverine, Missouri didn’t expect to play a football match on the field at Heims Electric Park, where they call their hometown.

Jim Tuso, coach of the Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization, said:

Many players and parents were afraid that the season would end before the season began.

Scott Walter, the father of Wolverine, Missouri, said:

Last Saturday, a field in an electric park in Heim was destroyed Just before 7 pm after the vehicle crossed it, it caused serious damage. But all that was captured in the surveillance video.

Trolls have made Missouri Wolverine worried about the future of their season.

“The original plan at the beginning of the week was that there was no place to play. Obviously, it was an emotional roller coaster,” Tuso said.

However, a last-minute change in the game plan led to an overall victory for the Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization after Kansas City Parks and Recreation was announced earlier this week for field evaluation and restoration.

“Our staff and public works staff went to get irrigation from the fields and grew more grass there. They also flattened the field using flatteners like mini steamrollers. “We did,” said Rosebelt Lions, interim director of Kansas City Parks and Recreation.

Currently, Kansas City Parks and Recreation states that this restoration project will be costly, but will add protective boundaries around the field to prevent this type of destruction from happening again.

“The fencing we’re introducing is about $ 50,000. This is an unexpected cost that we didn’t plan to pay along with the staff’s time and the cost of converting it. Not just the staff. , Our public works staff and equipment etc. “

Nonetheless, parents, players and fans are all happy to return to where they belong and hope that the destroyer will not attempt to attack again.

Abbey Sanderson, the mother of the Wolverines player in Missouri, said:

Missouri Wolverines field at Heim’s Electric Park restored Source link Missouri Wolverines field at Heim’s Electric Park restored

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