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Missouri Wolverines youth football field vandalized – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-09-05 23:59:29 –

Kansas City, Missouri — Youth football teams in Wolverines, Missouri are seeking answers after the field is destroyed again. Players, parents and coaches have lost love because they have no place to play or practice.

Matthew Martinez, Missouri Wolverines team captain, said:

Wolverine, Missouri players have a dream of feeling crushed after the field at Heims Electrical Park was destroyed just before 7 pm on Saturday. Of retaliation called 911.

“Yeah, I called the police and told them,’Hey, you know there’s a car, they’re destroying fields and parks. It’s not just a park, it’s a park. Wolverine, their practice unit, all of that, and I was one of them because I knew the kids would be devastated, “said the neighbor.

Wolverines Jim Tuso’s president and head coach is disappointed with the destruction of the field.

“It was done maliciously,” said Mr. Tuso. They were saying things like “try the field and fix it.” “

Tuso says this is not the first time vehicles have destroyed their field. However, Tuso and former Wolverine, who visited the field and confirmed the damage themselves, fully agree.

“If you look at the field as it is, it’s a shame because these kids don’t deserve it. They worked very hard and spent a lot of effort and time doing this. They deserve this. No, “said Elias Contreras, a former Missouri Wolverine starting center at Park Hill South High School.

Not only is the player sad, Tuso says the damage can hurt the player and worry his parents.

“Will it be a safe place for kids to practice? You know we have ruts on the field, are they going to twist their ankles? Will they break their ankles? “Worst scenario?” Said Nick Kruckenberg, the father of two Wolverine players.

However, after submitting a police report to the police station in Kansas City, Missouri, Wolverine, Missouri, wants to prevent this from happening again.

“We just need help, and why was my first question?” Parker Kasman, a tight end and defensive end in Wolverines, Missouri, said, “Why do you do this?”

Other teammates repeated Kasman’s turmoil.

“I don’t know why they do it. We didn’t do anything wrong with them. Defensive back wide receiver Keenan Paulsen of Wolverines, Missouri said,” I don’t know. I need a place to practice. It just ruined the practice area and the game. “

Anyone who has information about who may have caused this damage will be asked to call KCPD with a hint.

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