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Missourians brace for end of federal unemployment benefits – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-05-11 23:47:59 –

Kansas City, Missouri — Recently, like her daughter, Cynthia Shybury has her own homework.

She is looking for a job.

“I’m working hard for what I have,” Shively said. “I am working hard to support my children.”

Three single mothers in the automobile industry make car interiors. However, supply chain problems delayed production and sent her to the unemployment line.

“It’s an immeasurable help,” Shybury said. “Even with weekly unemployment and federal support, it’s still less than what I make at work.”

And with Missouri Governor Mike Parson Announced on Tuesday that the Federal COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Benefit will end on June 12, She is wondering what’s going to happen.

“I was able to do food service, I was able to do those things, but I paid for my house, paid for food for my kids to pay their insurance I had to do three or four jobs for, “Shively said.

Mr Parson said he believed there was a shortage of labor and wanted people to return to work by ending the extra unemployment benefits.

But Shirley said the current workforce is “flooded with people without jobs.”

“It’s not a labor shortage, it’s a job shortage,” she said. “And not only is there a shortage of work, but work is not paying for what people need.”

Locally Labor partnership Helps connect people and work.

“Therefore, we’re probably seeing wage increases in many areas, not all areas,” said Keely Schneider, executive director of Workforce Partnership. “Sure, it’s not all employers, but employers who can make it happen and run their businesses productively and efficiently do it.”

The organization expected more customers as the business resumed, but that hasn’t happened.

“The market is good. This is the time you should look for those jobs,” Schneider said. “There are some incredible benefits. There are contracts and wages go up.”

Schneider said he expects a workforce to flow in around September as people understand childcare and the school returns to normal.

Missourians brace for end of federal unemployment benefits Source link Missourians brace for end of federal unemployment benefits

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