Mistrial declared in murder case of Brenda King in Corpus Christi – Riverside, California

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Police said DNA evidence linked the two men to the crime, but the jury got stuck in the deliberations and caused suspicion.

Judge Missy Medary declared suspicious murders against Mike Alfaro because a jury in Corpus Christi, Texas — Nueces County could not determine if a man was guilty in connection with Brenda King’s death in 2016. ..

Alfaro was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm by a serious criminal.

King’s body was found on Slough Road in August 2016. According to court documents, DNA evidence linked two men, Alfaro and Michael Morgan, to her death.

Morgan will be tried in July on suspicion of his role in the murder.

After King’s body was found, two different neighbors found evidence in the backyard. One found a 0.9mm gun and the other found a phone and gloves. After a thorough investigation, police determined that the victim was with Alfaro and Morgan on August 15, 2016, the night before King’s body was found.

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Morgan told investigators that Alfaro and King were talking outside King’s truck when he heard the gun go out on the night of the murder. Alfaro was then allegedly boarded King’s truck with Morgan and drove away.

King’s car was found a short distance away on Slough Road and Fresfolly on the same day that her body was found. Swabs were collected from the vehicle and police said they were positive for Alfaro and Morgan’s DNA, leading to their arrest.

3NEWS has compiled a timeline for the event based on court documents leading up to the arrest of two men in 2019.

  • Brenda King, Mike Alfaro and Michael Morgan are all driving on Brenda’s trucks. King and Alfaro get out of the car and Morgan hears a gunshot. Alfaro jumps into the car, leaving King’s body behind, and the two men drive away.
  • The corpse is located in 8000 blocks of Slough Road near the 9mm Ruger Cartridge.
  • Police officers found Brenda King’s car on Slough Road and Fresfolly, where minor accidents were reported. The King’s ID is inside the vehicle, along with a 9mm Ruger cartridge and blood on the step on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
  • Police officers were called in at 7500 blocks on Abordin Street, about 800 meters from where King’s body was found, and a 9mm Smith & Wesson gun painted in gold was found in the resident’s backyard.
  • Officers are summoned to the 3900 block of Eucalyptus Drive. Again, about 0.5 miles from where King’s body was found, residents found a phone and two gloves while mowing. One glove was blue and the other transparent, and when I looked up the phone, the resident found a text message about the drug and someone having a fight.
  • The body found on Slough Road has been clearly identified as King, who died from a gunshot wound on his head.
  • Michael Morgan was interviewed by police and reportedly boarded King’s car with Mike Alfaro on August 15.
  • Witnesses told police that the weapons used in the shooting belonged to Michael Morgan. Michael Morgan states that he had previously belonged to him, but gave it to Alfaro. He said Alfaro had a weapon on the night of the shooting.
  • Crime scene swabs from the King’s handle, gun, and gloves are sent for testing.
  • According to DNA reports, Michael Morgan’s DNA was found in the tested item.
  • According to DNA reports, Mike Alfaro’s DNA was found in the tested item.

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