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Mistrials declared in La Junta when not enough people reported for jury duty – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-10 19:47:33 –

Otero County, Colorado — The two criminal trials scheduled to begin this week in La Junta had to be rescheduled because there weren’t enough juries. In both cases, suspicion, one of the murder trials, was declared.

Low incidence is a common problem in many courts. But in a small town where many of the jury pools know each other, William Culver, the 16th Judiciary District Attorney, explained that this problem could cause even greater problems.

“The accused, the victim, and those who knew some of the law enforcement agencies could have had personal reasons and couldn’t serve as a jury, so the plane ticket they bought was that. I was disqualified as a jury because of the trial, and I didn’t have enough juries to choose a jury. ”

In one case, 89 of the 175 summoned juries appeared. The other was that only 42 out of 100 were displayed. The court took additional steps in the process of jury selection to rent a school gymnasium to secure more physical space among the people.

“This is not a COVID issue, but a community issue,” said Assistant District Attorney James Brock. “Before the COVID situation, the jury’s appearance rate was the same.”

State-wide courts are processing the unprocessed portion of the case after the state-wide criminal trial was suspended last year. The earliest time we could rescheduling these two cases was December.

Culver and Bullock want to inform the community that more jury subpoenas will be issued this year due to their busy trial schedule.

“What I want people to think about is that this is a duty and part of the service to their community and the people there,” Calver said.

The jury’s duties are protected during his duties as a jury. The employer must also continue to pay the employee for the first three days of the trial. The state then compensates the jury at a rate of $ 50 per day if the trial takes a long time.

The jury’s duty is the responsibility of the citizens. The judge who presided over these cases could call on those who ignored the subpoena to “provide a reason” for why they did not report.

Mistrials declared in La Junta when not enough people reported for jury duty Source link Mistrials declared in La Junta when not enough people reported for jury duty

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