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Dr. David Sabatini says he is a victim of false allegations.

Dr. David M. Sabatini was a member of the Whitehead Institute and a professor of biology at MIT. Adam Grantsman / Bloomberg

Two months ago, a renowned professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was forced to resign from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, where he was working on sexual harassment allegations. He is now accusing him of being a victim of false allegations.

In a proceeding filed Wednesday, Dr. David M. Sabatini had a consensual sexual relationship with a whistleblower who was a colleague at MIT’s Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, alleging “correct revenge on his ex-girlfriend.” It states that it was made against. According to court records obtained by Boston Globe..

Sabatini claims to have ended the relationship in 2019, but he repeatedly said he didn’t want a long-term relationship, but his colleagues continued to chase him. Ultimately, the proceedings allege that his colleague “argues that Dr. Sabatini sexually harassed her (in fact, the exact opposite).” According to the proceedings, whistleblowers continued to make false statements about alleged harassment after Sabatini lost his job and compared it to Harvey Weinstein.

David Sabatini, a member of the Whitehead Institute and MIT professor of biology, in a 2012 file photo. – Kathleen Doher / Whitehead Institute

Sabatini is an award-winning scientist According to his MIT bio, “The pathways that regulate growth and metabolism and how they are deregulated in diseases such as cancer and diabetes.” According to Science Insider, He co-discovered important proteins that regulate growth and aging.

Court documents reported by Gloves The Whitehead Institute claimed to have conducted a “fake” investigation, and “believed to be fair” investigators said, “Sabatini, ignoring the explanation of what the lab culture really was. I literally spent hours trying to get unpleasant information about him. ” The proceedings resulted in a 229-page report, but the proceedings said it had not reached a conclusion as to whether the relationship had reached an agreement.

Sabatini led a large laboratory at the Whitehead Institute, funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and fired him in August after investigating his behavior. He took a leave of absence in August, but remains a lifetime professor at MIT.

Sabatini argues that all of this can lose his lab and hundreds of thousands of dollars in awards, irreparably damaging his reputation and hindering future funding opportunities. According to court documents, his mental health “has deteriorated to the point where he was advised not to live alone, but to have friends and family monitor him.”

The proceedings alleged defamation, unlawful interference with his employment and relationships with funders and scientific journals, and the effects of both willfulness and negligence in mental distress, and his accusator Whitehead Institute study. The office and its director, Ruth Lehmann, are appointed as defendants.

MIT professor forced to resign from institute following sexual harassment allegations sues Source link MIT professor forced to resign from institute following sexual harassment allegations sues

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