Mitch McConnell was said to be happy with the impeachment effort

Republican leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky senator, believes President Trump has committed an impeachable crime and is pleased that the Democrats are working to impeach him. Told. People who are familiar with his ideas. The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to formally prosecute Mr. Trump for inciting violence against the country.

At the same time, Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California, a minority leader and one of Mr. Trump’s most solid allies in Congress, told other Republicans in the aftermath of the last Capitol riot. I asked Mr. Trump if he should ask him to resign. The week explained the conversation, according to three Republican officials.

McCarthy said he was personally opposed to impeachment, but he and the other leaders decided not to formally urge the Republicans to vote “no,” and McCarthy’s aides called Trump. He said he would accept the blame. His actions. McCarthy privately contacted Congressman Democrats, who denied it, but confirmed whether Congress would be willing to pursue a condemnation vote.

In summary, Mr. Trump’s position as a top two Republican in Congress, who has not publicly stated that he should be resigned or impeached, is politically challenging and fast-moving in the crisis the party faces after a professional attack. It reflected the nature. Trump mob during a session to formalize the electoral victory of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.

More violent images from the mayhem caused by the mob emerged on Tuesday, including a brutal attack that eventually killed a police officer in the Capitol, and lawmakers explained the threat of further attacks on the Capitol. Being so, Rank and File Republicans are angry about the president’s role in growing violence.

But Republican parliamentary leaders who have been loyal to the president for four years when trying to balance the core voter love for Mr. Trump with the now undeniable political and constitutional threats he raised. We were still subtly walking. Refusing to demand the president’s resignation and quietly planning on how to deal with his actions with them to abandon the president or to continue to enable him after he incites. A mob attacking the government’s seat, which has highlighted the biting uncertainty about whether many other Republicans will pay the political price.

Mr. Trump made their mission more difficult, telling reporters Tuesday that his remarks to supporters were “perfectly appropriate” and “caused tremendous anger” by the ghost of his impeachment. He said there was.

McConnell said he would like to see a specific article on the impeachment that the House of Representatives will approve on Wednesday to hear the final discussion in the Senate. The House is expected to pass a single accusation on Wednesday, and the White House expects about 20 Republicans to support it, officials said. Wyoming representative Liz Cheney, the third-ranked party in the House of Representatives, announced on Tuesday that she was among them.

However, Senate Republican leaders have revealed in personal discussions that he believes it is the moment to move out of the weakened lame duck, which has accused the Republicans of losing the Senate. McConnell hasn’t spoken to Trump since mid-December, when Senator told the president that he would recognize Biden as president-elect after the electors proved Biden’s victory.

On Monday, Mr. Biden called McConnell and asked if it was possible for the Senate to identify Mr. Biden’s cabinet candidates and at the same time set up a dual-track that would allow the Senate to hold a trial. Conversation disclosed on condition of anonymity. Instead of avoiding the topic of impeaching Mr. Trump, Mr. McConnell said it was a question for Senators and promised Mr. Biden a quick answer.

McConnell’s spokesman, David Pop, declined to comment and pointed out to reporters a speech made by a senator from the floor after the attack on the Capitol.

“This unsuccessful attempt to thwart Congress, this unsuccessful rebellion only emphasizes how important our previous work is to our republic,” McConnell said on Wednesday when the Senate was confused by the siege. Said when he reconvened to finish the electoral college. “Our country was established exactly so that the free choice of Americans shapes our autonomy and determines the fate of our country.”

Since the attack, McCarthy has avoided asking his Republican colleagues whether to ask Trump to resign from the impeachment that is privately floating in his current stance, rather than accepting the impeachment rather than the impeachment. .. He accuses Congressman Steny H. Heuer of Maryland of the majority, saying that if the Democrats withdraw the impeachment, they can vote for a large number of Republicans for formal condemnation. I even talked about voting.

Mitch McConnell was said to be happy with the impeachment effort

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