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The food and toiletry ICNA Relief, which will be distributed to homeless people in downtown Atlanta on Monday, is serviced by Martin Luther King, Jr. It indicates that you have accepted the Day and you have the opportunity to add it to ICNA’s social welfare program.

On Day MLK 2021, ICNA Relief and Vegas Meals that Heal will distribute about 120 meals and toiletry bags to the homeless. ICNA has been running a feeding program for many years. Credit: ICNA Relief

At MLK Day of Service Islamic Circle of North American Relief Is to partner with Healing vegan meal, Another non-profit organization, provides homeless people with about 120 hot meals. Bath amenities bags and other items are included with each serving. Meals may not be available on-site due to pandemic-related social distance efforts.

ICNA Relief’s program to feed hunger is one of many commemorative services scheduled to continue in Metro Atlanta on Monday, despite a pandemic that disrupted fellowship, one of King’s core beliefs. ..

“Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted the community to come together and understand each other, which is what we are observing through these programs,” for ICNA relief. Brother Abdul Baisit, who organizes community support activities, said.

The hot meals served on Monday are a treat of this pandemic era, with pre-packaged foods becoming the norm to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 epidemic. ICNA Relief is a weekly school lunch program that serves about 120 people and distributes bags containing packages of dried noodles and other foods that homeless people can save later. According to Basit, the MLK holiday was looking for something special.

“We want to celebrate with the community,” said Basit. “People love the aroma of food.”

The event is for the Chevron Station at 336 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. This is where ICNA Relief distributed a total of 150 winter supply kits, including blankets, socks, coats, scarves and gloves, and 100 hot meals to the homeless on December 20, 2021. Partners included Roswell Community Masjid, Helping the Community, and Gwinnett Islamic Circle. ICNA Relief has been providing social services in Metro Atlanta since around 2005, Basit said.

INCA, food distribution

ICNA Relief has provided a school lunch program for the homeless as one of the social services provided in the area since around 2005. Credit: ICNA Relief

At the MLK Day event, Baysit and others packed the bags on January 14th. The bag contains toothpaste and toothbrushes, masks, various toiletry products, and women’s sanitary napkins. Also a hoodie for warmth. Other items may be added to the bag, according to Bassitt – water, fruits and other available and suitable items.

MLK’s Day of Service may be characterized as a reminder of Christian service to the “least of these.” New Testament.. Basit, like Christianity, Islam is the Abrahamic religion, QurNS Proclaim service in the community. INCA Relief’s feeding program reveals this concept, Basit observed.

  • “It’s like you and I, the individuals who are experiencing difficult times, who can help the homeless and see these as individuals. You are 35 years old and can’t stand up clean. I see a man.
  • “We serve food only one day at a time. At least at that particular time, they are happy. If they want to talk, we want to talk. I ask, “How about downtown? Can you stay under that bridge?” You may not realize that they built a community and built a community around them. “

MLK Day unites metro Atlantans in missions to serve others Source link MLK Day unites metro Atlantans in missions to serve others

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