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It is 38 feet long and boasts two laboratories, a telemedicine station, an ADA-compliant toilet, a medical refrigerator and freezer, a lab, an ingestion and preventive care area, and four outdoor security cameras.

Oh yeah, it travels on four wheels.

To increase access to health care in rural Kern County, Adventist Health officially “powered up” a new mobile health clinic at an event in McFarland on Wednesday.

“We believe that mobile clinics have great potential to deploy medical resources to the community faster than facilities made of brick and mortar,” said Daniel, Adventist Healthcare Delivery President, Kern County. Walcott says.

Walcott stood in the parking lot of the McFarland Learning Center, behind a mobile clinic, and described the Adventist’s mission as “living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness, and hope.” ..

“And that sets a high standard for us,” he said.

According to Walcott, the mobile clinic is the result of its core mission.

“Interacting with the clinic’s healthcare providers will save people’s lives,” Walcott said. “There is an opportunity to catch cancer, prevent people from self-harming, reverse chronic illness, and improve people’s lives.”

But the Adventist didn’t do it, and he couldn’t do it alone. Chevron, a leading local oil producer, shared the adventurer’s vision of developing innovative ways to serve Khan residents with restricted access to primary health care.

Chevron’s general affairs, Gina Pettit, thanked the people who attended the event on Wednesday. She said the development of the mobile clinic is in line with Chevron’s core values.

“We believe that the greatest resources we have are human ingenuity, creativity and innovation,” Pettit said. “And we have to invest in our resources, our people, and it starts with health care, it starts with health care services.

“Supporting Adventist Health’s efforts to provide people with access to health care and medical services is one way we can invest in people in this community and the entire Kern County community,” she said.

The mobile unit and its staff begin by focusing on three communities: McFarland, Irvine and Tehachapi. With an emphasis on wellness and family medicine, many of the services it offers include women’s health care physical, child health care, electrocardiogram, immunity, school and sports physical, and lab services.

“We have a vision that this not only provides care to students, but can also be a learning opportunity for students in this community,” says Kiyoshi Tomono, Community Partnership Executive, Adventist Health. Said.

“That’s why we worked with friends at Khan Community College District and Bakersfield College to find a way to make this a path to a health care career.”

Romeo Agbalog, president of the Kern Community College District Board, said helping local communities to ensure the health of students has a direct and positive impact on their academic performance.

However, you may also have the opportunity to create a workforce development component.

“If teachers can enter such a unit, they can provide consistency to the students in the classroom without missing a day’s instruction.”

The value to the community where the mobile unit serves is doubled when it becomes a learning tool and a mobile center for healthcare.

“We look forward to what this partnership will bring not only to the community, but also to the academic performance of young students,” said Agbalog.

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Mobile health clinic launched Wednesday designed to expand access to Kern’s rural residents | News Source link Mobile health clinic launched Wednesday designed to expand access to Kern’s rural residents | News

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